Daring rescue mission for the lost men along the Cornish coast

A rescue mission took place last night after two young men got lost on the Cornish shore in the dark.

The call arrived at 7:35 p.m., but the man’s phone battery drained before his exact location was established.

The Falmouth Coast Guard Operations Center commissioned the all-weather lifeboat Penlee, along with the Penzance Coast Guard Rescue Team.

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The original search area was between Marazion and Perranuthnoe before more information narrowed the victim’s location south of Mousehole.

Another lifeboat and rescue team joined in the search as severe weather conditions and strong winds of force 6-7 prevailed.

Using two powerful searchlights and a thermal imager, the man was located on rocks about 10 feet above sea level near Mousehole Cave.

However, struggling with poor sea conditions and unsafe accessibility, the lifeboats decided it was not safe to attempt a lifeboat evacuation and the decision was made to call a helicopter on them. places, which arrived just before 8 p.m.

With the lifeboats providing a searchlight, a man with the winch was lowered and brought the young man to safety.

The young man quickly informed the helicopter crew that he was with a friend who might also need help.

The two lifeboats immediately resumed a search along the shore and the second victim was located further along the coast.

After reuniting the first young man with his parents at the Penzance heliport, the helicopter returned to the scene and picked up the second injured who was also reunited with his parents.

At 9.40 p.m., just over an hour after the initial call, the two injured were unharmed and coordinated rescue teams were allowed to return to the station.

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