Critics call one Cornish town “too hilly” and another “dog poop refuge”

Three hilarious reviews of Cornish towns have been uncovered, calling one town ‘too hilly’ and another ‘doo poop’ full of ‘spoiled’ surfers.

Newly uncovered reviews show that some tourists don’t appreciate the sunny county for its natural beauty and are a bit picky.

Although they are generally tourist favorites, Fowey, Mousehole, and Polzeath have all been criticized by angry critics who couldn’t see enough redeeming features in the cities, because Live reports from Cornwall.

Some of the critics could be understood, such as hostile traders, but others – including Fowey being too mountainous and “grotty” – are a bit wealthy.

Fowey is a beautiful town with a lot to see, but that didn’t stop an angry couple from leaving a negative review

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In Fowey’s scathing reviews, one visitor said the long walk into town was as long as the walk out of town – which is true, as both walks are the same distance.

The couple, in their sixties, criticized the steep sidewalks and narrow roads, saying “we have to hug the walls to stay clear of traffic on the narrow streets.”

“On top of that, the wharf had an air of neglect, dilapidated toilets and abandoned telephone booths.”

They then compared the red telephone booths with those in Bath.

The review ended by saying: “As someone else pointed out, this town should be as popular as St Ives, but not if the level of local interest allows it to exist as an area ugly rather than an attractive coastal town. Last visited 30 years ago and probably won’t be back. “

Another reviewer said Fowey was “okay but nothing exciting”, adding that they were “not sure why all the fuss about this place”.

Then Mousehole, near Penzance, and its rich history and culture did not save it from a roast.

Mouse hole in Cornwall
Mousehoule, home of the star pie, has not escaped the explosions of visitors

One critic claimed that the “pretty village” of Mouse hole was “spoiled” by the locals.

“The locals have an attitude and I feel like they spat on the ground after you came by,” they wrote.

He continued, “I went to the general stores to inquire about the bus into town, the gentleman was rude, blunt and didn’t even meet my eyes. I decided to never shop there. down during my stay, so I didn’t. “

They added that the city’s dogs are considered “public enemy number one” and that “out of season [Mousehole] gets boring VERY fast “.

Another reviewer called Mousehole “uninspiring” and “a disappointment.”

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Polzeath Beach
Polzeath has a crisp beach, but that turned out to be a bad thing for a visitor

“Before we even parked, a local shouted at us,” she continued. “We stayed away so that she could pass and we were treated with her screaming that you could get a bus through – so I don’t know why she didn’t sail instead. ridicule. We had coffee and it was pretty cool. “

And came Polzeath, the small village that once housed David Cameron, which called itself “dog poo paradise” because they remarked that it was “absolutely full” of “spoiled spoiled” surfers.

“I don’t usually review beaches, but I couldn’t believe how ruined this place is by visitors thinking they are surfers,” wrote one reviewer.

“When we got there the beach was practically empty but quickly filled with surfboards, windbreaks and spoiled kids. We gave up when we couldn’t see the sea from which we had settled. “

A woman left a terrible review of Mont Saint Michel without ever having visited.

She wrote: “Never disappointed with the appalling customer service in Cornwall. I asked the lady to come to the island and got the dry reply ‘not without castle tickets’.”

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