Corn and soybean yield trends

Looking at the state of Illinois, we see that at least since 2007 corn acreage has declined and soybean acreage has increased while over the past two decades corn yields in the IL have increased annually by an average of 2.63 bushels per acre (bpf) / year. and soybean yields increased by 1.07 bpy / year.

This is a ratio of 2.46, while the US ratio is 2.63, indicating that soybean yields have increased relative to corn yields at a faster rate in Illinois than across the country and maybe another reason more soybeans and less corn will be planted next year.

This graph shows the average corn / soybean yield ratios over five, ten and 20 years for the top 15 producing states at the same time and the United States on the left axis and the trend of increasing rate of return on 20 years for corn and soybean yields on the right axis.

First, we’re looking for states where the corn / soybean yield ratio has increased over the years, such as North Dakota where the 20-year ratio is 3.86, dropping to 3.92 over the past 10 years. next few years, while from 2017 to 2021, the ratio has been on average. 4.15.

Conversely, there are states where bean yields have increased relative to corn yields over time, such as Kansas, where the 20-year corn / soybean yield ratio at 3.75 has fallen to 3. , 49 over the past ten years and since 2017, the return ratio has averaged 3.27.

When it comes to increasing trend yields, Illinois has seen very good soybean yields over the past few seasons and they have the highest trend increase of any state at 1.07 bpa / yr during the last 20 seasons with KY and NE also seeing yields increase by at least 0.90 bpy since 2002.

On the other hand, the increase in the corn / soybean yield ratio in North Dakota is a very small trend yield increase of 0.15 bpy for soybeans, by far the lowest of any state, NC and the MN is not doing well in this department either.

When it comes to trend increases in corn yields, KY and TN have seen corn yields increase on average by at least 3.00 bpa per year over the past 20 years, while KS is the worst at just 0 , 49 bpa, which is still lower than their average soybean yield. increase of 0.69, the only state that can make this claim.

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