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There’s growing evidence that one of the world’s most common viruses can cause some people to develop multiple sclerosis.

Multiple sclerosis is a potentially debilitating disease that occurs when cells of the immune system mistakenly attack the protective covering of nerve fibers, gradually eroding them.

The Epstein-Barr virus has long been suspected of playing a role in the development of MS. It’s a hard link to prove because almost everyone is infected with Epstein-Barr, usually as children or young adults – but only a tiny fraction develop MS.

On Thursday, Harvard researchers reported one of the largest studies to date to support the Epstein-Barr theory.

They tracked stored blood samples from more than 10 million people in the US military and found the risk of MS increased 32-fold after an Epstein-Barr infection.

The military routinely administers blood tests to its members, and researchers checked samples stored from 1993 to 2013, hunting for antibodies signaling viral infection.

Only 5.3% of recruits showed no signs of Epstein-Barr when they joined the military. The researchers compared 801 subsequently diagnosed MS cases over a 20-year period with 1,566 military personnel who never had MS.

Only one of the multiple sclerosis patients had no evidence of Epstein-Barr virus before diagnosis. And despite intensive searches, researchers found no evidence that other viral infections played a role.

The results “strongly suggest” that Epstein-Barr infection is “a cause and not a consequence of MS”, reported study author Dr. Alberto Ascherio of Harvard TH Chan School of Public. Health and colleagues in the journal Science.

It’s clearly not the only factor, given that around 90% of adults have antibodies showing they’ve had Epstein-Barr – while nearly a million people in the US live with MS, according to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The virus appears to be “the initial trigger,” Drs. William H. Robinson and Lawrence Steinman of Stanford University wrote in an editorial accompanying Thursday’s study. But they warned that “additional fuses need to be switched on”, such as genes that can make people more vulnerable.

Epstein-Barr is best known for causing “mono” or infectious mononucleosis in adolescents and young adults, but often occurs without symptoms. A virus that remains inactive in the body after initial infection, it has also been linked to the later development of certain autoimmune diseases and rare cancers.

We do not know why. Among the possibilities is something called “molecular mimicry,” which means that viral proteins can look so similar to certain proteins in the nervous system that they induce a mistaken immune attack.

Either way, the new study is “the strongest evidence yet that Epstein-Barr helps cause MS,” said Mark Allegretta, vice president of research at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

And that, he added, “opens the door to the potential prevention of MS by preventing Epstein-Barr infection.”

Attempts are underway to develop Epstein-Barr vaccines, including a small study just started by Moderna Inc., best known for its COVID-19 vaccine.


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U.S. Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in OSHA ETS Case Sat, 08 Jan 2022 00:09:33 +0000

The United States Supreme Court heard oral argument today in the OSHA ETS case. Of course, you never know how the Court will rule, but if the judges’ questions are any indication, there could be a 6-3 split in favor of a stay, with Chief Justice Roberts, Justice Thomas, Judge Alito, Judge Gorsuch, Judge Kavanaugh and Judge Barrett voting for and Judge Breyer, Judge Kagan and Judge Sotomayor being dissenting.

All parties made very brief opening remarks and then invited the judges to ask questions. The common theme that Justice after Justice questioned the parties about was not whether vaccinations are helpful in the fight against COVID-19 or whether warrants are legal in general, but who decides these public health matters? Much of the questioning and argument has focused on the main issue doctrine, the factors that determine when to invoke that doctrine, and whether Congress has specifically delegated authority to OSHA to legislate on the ETS at issue. As the petitioners challenging the ETS have argued, OSHA ETS is a general workplace rule, unsuitable for a particular industry, and published without considering specific levels of risk in different work environments. They argued that the extraordinary power of an emergency rule requires that the rule be more precise, based on an industry-by-industry analysis. The Solicitor General argued that Congress legally delegated the authority to issue the ETS to OSHA when it enacted the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1970 (the “OSH Act”) . 19, and given the ongoing pandemic, OSHA has considered and properly balanced the various competing interests. The current increase in COVID-19 cases has created a context in which the Solicitor General and several of the judges have expressed concern over the issuance of a stay.

During arguments, Chief Justice Roberts asked the Solicitor General if the government is “working on the waterfront” with several federal agencies and executive actions to legislate on workplace rules # covid19, noting the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the federal government. The contractors order the vaccination warrants – without giving Congress a say or recognizing the police powers of the states. He also expressed doubts that Congress considered OSHA to have this much power or anticipated a COVID-19 pandemic by granting OSHA authority under OSH law there. is over 50 years old.

Justice Alito suggested that with ETS, the government was trying to “get an elephant through a mouse hole,” asked the solicitor general about people’s personal medical decisions regarding vaccination and asked if the tests Regular COVID-19 were even a viable option at this point.

Judge Breyer expressed concern about the growing number of daily cases, noting that yesterday the country had around 750,000 new cases. The petitioners argued, however, citing Alabama Assoc. real estate agents, et al. v. HHS, 594 United States _____ (2021) (moratorium on CDC deportations decided by the High Court on August 26, 2021), that while tackling the spread of COVID-19 is a noble goal, no matter how well-intentioned, the end cannot justify the means when these means are illegal.

Whatever the outcome, it needs to happen quickly because employers need clarity.

Jackson Lewis PC © 2022National Law Review, Volume XII, Number 7

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Inside the 2-bedroom Cornwall Cottage priced at half a million pounds Thu, 06 Jan 2022 06:00:00 +0000

A gorgeous chalet in an idyllic Cornish fishing village has been put on the market for half a million pounds.

The two bedroom property, located in the iconic village of Mousehole, is just yards from the sandy harbor beach and is currently priced at £ 500,000.

Read more: Gritters in Cornwall as temperatures set to drop

The Grade II Listed Granite Cottage features a large west-facing walled interior courtyard with an outdoor shower and is touted by Truro-based Lillicrap Chilcott as “a stunning main house, vacation home or a hole cylinder head, or an investment opportunity. “

The house has also been described as being “beautifully presented throughout” with on the ground floor comprising a large open plan living and dining area, a “stylish” modern kitchen leading out to the rear garden and a WC.

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But the unique selling point that justifies the price of this house, according to sellers, is its “extremely desirable position within Mousehole.”

The new owner will also find the master bedroom on the first floor, which also has a glimpse of the harbor and the sea beyond, a second double bedroom, an en suite bathroom / shower and a separate WC.

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Clevedon Town defeated by Chippenham Town U23 in thriller Tue, 04 Jan 2022 08:15:00 +0000

8:15 a.m. January 4, 2022

Clevedon Town was involved in a nine-goal thriller with the Under-23s of Chippenham Town, which saw the Seasiders lose 6-3 to Everyone Active 3G on Monday night.

Without a Toolstation Western League Division One match over the New Years weekend, Town manager Alex White hosted a practice match against the Young Bluebirds.

Chippenham took the lead after just 25 seconds when Raza Alamu jumped on a loose ball and cut from the left to shoot into the far corner of the net past goalkeeper Luca Smith.

Clevedon Town celebrates Alex Kemsley’s equalizer against the Chippenham Town Under-23.
– Credit: Josh Thomas

Clevedon equalized in the 27th minute when Chippenham keeper Kyle Cooke could only hit a Clevedon corner directly and Alex Kemsley had enough of the ball with his follow-up header at close range to score.

With their tails up, Clevedon took the lead five minutes later when Alex Camm’s ball from a free kick was caught by Ollie Babington.

The lead was only five minutes longer as Ola Lawal was tripped from behind by Kemsley and Joel Smeadley stepped up with a penalty well-hit into the corner of the net.

The hosts regained the advantage after 50 minutes when Ethan Feltham’s powerful shot was pushed around the post for a corner kick by Cooke and when the ball came from the free kick Archie Heywood just passed Cooke to point the ball towards the goal and in the top corner to do it 3-2.

Feltham nearly hit fourth when he stole Cooke in the 73rd minute but saw his shot clear from the line and Chippenham immediately made Clevedon pay when moments later Bradbury’s failed shot managed to get past Lovell , not seen, in the net to move visitors to the level.

From there, Chippenham set off to win when Alamu’s powerful strike in the far corner put them 4-3.

Dan Ware then scored two goals in five minutes, the first he managed on a Noah Copping cross after 85 minutes and in added time he scored the end of another Copping through pass to get around Lovell to mark.

Ollie Babington celebrates his goal against the Chippenham Town Under 23.

Ollie Babington celebrates his goal against the Chippenham Town Under 23.
– Credit: Josh Thomas

“It was a good exercise where the outcome was secondary, and we wanted to give the team a few minutes,” said White.

“I was glad we played some good football, the Under-18s who came in played well and the score aside it was a productive night.”

Eagerly, he added: “We are now ready to face Mousehole on Saturday which we are really looking forward to after the game there which was one of the best Toolstation Western League games I have seen. . “

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In the night of Frazer Flintham Sun, 02 Jan 2022 14:51:22 +0000

Watching the program of In the nightOne would be forgiven for thinking that without this production, the 1981 Penlee lifeboat disaster would be forgotten. It sounds rather presumptuous, considering that the local community has done very well over the past forty years to ensure that she is remembered. Local football club Mousehole AFC named a new stand “The Solomon Browne Stand,” in honor of the lifeboat that attempted to rescue the eight people aboard a cargo ship, the Union Star, which the engine failed under dangerous conditions. Every year on December 19 the community of Mousehole, a Cornish fishing village, comes together to commemorate the tragic events, and the Christmas lights are dimmed. What was the lifeboat station at the time has been left largely untouched and is periodically open to the public.

Into The Night cast (photographer Michael Wharley).

The lighting in this production might not be the best, although it is supposed to (sort of) replicate a dark night at sea where flares had to be launched so that rescue teams could see where they were. found exactly the affected vessel. The story makes it clear that the technology available then was not as sophisticated as it is now. I’m not sure it was strictly necessary to point out that there was “no cell phonesIn 1981 – and not just because, technically speaking, they already existed in 1973, when Motorola launched a prototype. The show speaks of 1981 as being a whole different world, which unnecessarily implies that if GPS could have been used, they
would not have needed to try to confirm the precise location of the Union Star. It’s like lamenting the ship’s captain’s inability to post an SOS message on Instagram. Oh, if only they could’ve tweeted asking for help! Time wasted using rotary phones instead of push-button phones …

More than occasionally, the narration becomes repetitive, the narrator (part shared by various members of the company) insisting on telling the camera directly what has already been said in the dialogue. The pace is uneven: There is an understandable sense of urgency as the plight of the Union Star, and more specifically its crew and guests, becomes increasingly clear. But as the Solomon Browne prepares for launch, there is a long and detailed preamble of each crew member selected, and even a few who were not selected by coxswain, Trevelyan Richards. There is no denying that each member of the crew needs to be properly recognized, although I wonder if the detailed stories would be better placed elsewhere in the narrative, perhaps at the end, when time could be spent reflecting on those. who made the ultimate sacrifice.

This is a painstakingly detailed and researched production, remaining accessible to those (like me) who are not regularly exposed to life at sea. The cinematography works well, offering a palpable idea of ​​the challenges faced, for example, by a rescue helicopter called the Sea King, or the unusually high waves that the Union Star and Solomon Browne had to contend with. The show is limited by what I can only assume are Cornish folk songs, which uplift the emotions as do the soulful tunes. A compelling narrative of real events with innovative storytelling techniques deployed.

3 star review

Review by Chris Omaweng

On Saturday 19th December 1981 the Penlee lifeboat ‘Solomon Browne’ was launched in hurricane conditions to rescue the coaster ‘Union Star’ which had an engine failure and was washed away towards the south Cornish coast. It was a rescue attempt that ranks not only among the greatest in RNLI history, but among all human achievements. Marking the event’s 40th anniversary, INTO THE NIGHT is a unique theatrical performance which, after being broadcast live, the filmed performance will then be available on demand from January 6 to 30, 2022.

INTO THE NIGHT was adapted by playwright and screenwriter Frazer Flintham from the book Penlee: The Loss of a Lifeboat by author and volunteer Penlee RNLI Michael Sagar-Fenton. It is directed by Alastair Whatley of Original Theater Company.

The actors will be Hubert Burton, Tom Chambers, Cornish actor Robert Duncan, James Findlay, Madeleine Knight, Robert Mountford, Cornish actresses Susan Penhaligon and Hazel Simmons, and Tim Treloar.

The Original Theater Company in association with Martyn Hayes presents
IN THE NIGHT by Frazer Flintham
From the book Penlee: The Loss of a Lifeboat by Michael Sagar-Fenton

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Packet Sport Cornwall’s football halftime review Fri, 31 Dec 2021 14:00:00 +0000 As we move into the new year and the second half of the football season, Packet Sport looks back on the season so far and the major football titles in the 2021 region.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the relevant restrictions, the second half of the 2020/21 season has been canceled.

However, promotions have always taken place as Helston Athletic ascended into the Toolstation Western League along with neighboring rivals Mousehole AFC, and Penryn Athletic was first promoted to the South West Peninsula League (SWPL).

Penryn got his hands on the silverware in late May when they won the St Piran League Cup.

The trophy was hastily assembled as restrictions eased and Athletic beat AFC St Austell and Illogan RBL reserves 3-1 en route to the cup final.

Wendron United’s home in Underlane was the venue for the day, and goals from Jack Rapsey and Ryan Reeve saw Penryn clinch the trophy with a 2-0 victory over Polperro.

Penryn Athletic with the St Piran League Cup Photo: Cameron Weldon

The 2021/22 season started in August, Helston was the first to kick off his campaign and did so with a comfortable 7-1 away win at last place at Bridport.

In their first campaign at this level, Helston matched the ambition of their manager Steve Massey who has consistently said he aims to be on top this Christmas.

Falmouth Packet: Helston celebrates goal against BridportHelston celebrates his goal against Bridport

As of this writing, Helston is fifth in the standings, losing just twice during the league season. They also have games in hand on the sides around them in what is a hotly contested league with just three points separating second from seventh.

Stu Bowker’s signing turned out to be a shrude affair of Massey, the leading scorer has been an integral part of Helston’s season.

The Blues are, however, out of the FA Cup and FA Vase. They were beaten 3-1 to rivals Mousehole in the FA Cup preliminary round in August, before being beaten in the FA Vase second round by Oldland Abbotonians on penalties.

They are, however, still in the Cornwall Senior Cup (CSC) quarter-finals and will face another WHL club Saltash in January.

The South West Peninsula League got underway soon after, and the current Falmouth Town leaders scored their first of 18 straight league wins so far when they beat local rivals Wendron 2-0 at Underlane thanks to a double from Tim Nixon.

Falmouth Packet: Falmouth celebrates its header against WendronFalmouth celebrates header against Wendron

Falmouth has gotten stronger and stronger this season, fueled by the noisy F-Troop that has traveled in numbers this campaign, Town smashed their winning streak record with a 3-0 win over Launceston securing their 22nd straight win.

Their boxing aftermath pounding local rivals Penryn was seen by 1,171 supporters who broke the SWPL record for attendance and was the biggest crowd for a competitive match at Bickland Park as 1,526 gathered on the ground for watch FA Vase Quarter Final against St Helens Town in the 1986/87 season.

Town was bolstered by the superb acquisition from Jack Bray-Evans who blew everyone away with his heroic Town-colored goals. The forward has scored four goals against Penryn to overtake fellow Falmouth Luke Brabyn in the scorers standings with 22 bagged this season.

Town only tasted defeat once and it was in the FA Vase. After beating Bradford Town 2-1 at home, they faced Buckland Athletic of the Western League in the next round, but were beaten 3-1 on the day.

The rest of the season looks incredibly promising for Town now, with fans chanting “we’re going to win the league” regularly. Town hopes they can continue their victory and unbeaten streak to achieve this goal.

They are also in the Walter C Parson Cup (WCP) third round against SWPL leaders East Okehampton and have a CSC quarter-final against Newquay on the horizon in January.

Wendron United has been a driving force behind the SWPL this season. After finishing the last two seasons due to the pandemic, this was the teams’ first season in a (fairly) uninterrupted covid season.

Their foundations for a successful first half of the season have been formed on excellent form at home, where in the league they have only lost three times to Underlane. Although disappointing for them, two of those losses came against local teams in Falmouth and Penryn.

However, just five losses all season have seen the Dron fly third in the division and winger and former Helston Cam Wheat they have a fit man, scoring 15 times in the league this season.

Falmouth pack: winger Cameron Wheat has 15 league goals for the season for WendronWinger Cameron Wheat has scored 15 league goals this season for Wendron

The shape of the cup has also been a shining light for Wendron’s season. The FA Vase race will be remembered for their first year in competition. Wendron beat Bishop Sutton and Bournemouth FC and was seconds away from bringing New Milton Town into extra time in FA Vase’s second round, but three late goals in stoppage time denied them a spot in the next round .

Michael O’Neill has his well-disciplined squad and plays attractive attacking football and is still in the WCP Cup with an intriguing draw against Bodmin before a home game against Sticker in the CSC quarter-finals.

Penryn Athletic is having his first season in the SWPL under Harry Pope. At the time of writing, the side is currently 11th in the table, with an inconsistency in the results leaving the side of Kernick Road slightly on occasion.

However, their commitment to playing lightweight football has rewarded them with plenty of goals this season. In fact, their loss to Falmouth Town on Boxing Day was the only time in the league that Penryn had failed to hit the net this season.

Pope said his team are still adjusting to life at this level, but have come a long way since losing to Launceston on Day 1 of the season. Despite, being out of all cups, Penryn now has the opportunity to focus solely on the league and reach as high a position as possible. Their next game is at home against Newquay on Saturday January 8th.

Falmouth Packet: forward Ryan Reeve stumbles for PenrynStriker Ryan Reeve kicks on goal for Penryn

The Porthleven AFC, celebrating its 125th anniversary, announced its immediate resignation from SWPL in September, a then statement from League Secretary Phil Hiscox said: “After several days of rumors and speculation, I can confirm now that the Porthleven AFC have informed the South West Peninsula League, in writing, that they are withdrawing from the Western Premier Division of Step Six with immediate effect.

“We have, with deep regret, accepted the resignation despite the club accepting that a financial penalty be imposed under standardized FA rules.

“Porthleven AFC is a long-time member of the NLS, having played in the former South Western League and then being a founding member of the SW Peninsula in 2007.

“It is a very sad day for all football fans in the South West and our thoughts are with the current and past pillars who have kept NLS football alive for so many years at Gala Parc.”

A month later, following an EGM, Robert Hichens was elected the club’s new president and in his opening statement thanked his predecessors and explained the decision to retire from the league: “He A few months ago Porthleven had a tough time off the pitch behind closed doors, I don’t want to bring that into the future of Gala Parc, what can I say, it was the actions that created the news that the first team had to be withdrawn from the Southwest Peninsula League has now allowed the club to have a good reset and start over.

“I would like to say a big thank you to everyone at Gala Parc for all that Simon Bew the outgoing president has done for our club over the past three years, he found himself with a club in financial difficulty and worked very hard with his committee to leave us in a totally different position, which makes my job much easier in that regard. ”

Porthleven still have a team playing in the St Piran League West, they are tenth out of 16 teams with 15 points (after adjustment) in their 14 games so far.

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Clevedon Town hosts friendly match with Chippenham Town U23 Thu, 30 Dec 2021 09:00:00 +0000

9:00 a.m. on December 30, 2021

Clevedon Town has organized a friendly against the Under-23s of Chippenham Town next Monday (January 3).

The match will be played on the grounds of the Everyone Active Stadium 3G and will start at 19:30.

Both halves will last 45 minutes and all supporters are welcome, with admission by voluntary donation.

With the Seasiders not in action until Saturday, January 8, when they host Mousehole, manager Alex White felt it was a good opportunity to ensure his team get back into shape over the Christmas season.

“We haven’t played a lot of games in the last month or so and since we don’t have a game on New Years Day, it’s just a good game to keep the legs cool and also give the baby a few minutes. a few who need it right now, ”he said.

“Chippenham will bring a young squad so I’m sure it will be an energetic encounter for us.”

White has confirmed Morgan Davies is likely to return for the friendly after a knee blow.

However, the game could come soon for two players like Alex Twiggs, who is back in training after a two-month absence with an ankle injury, and Cam Salmon, who is recovering from a back injury. .

“We’re going to do a few rotations, there are also a few coming back from injury, so we should be able to get them some good minutes,” White added.

The Seasiders ended the year with their first victory in five Toolstation Western League games with a 4-1 win over Street on Saturday.

Archie Ferris scored his second hat-trick of the season following a hat-trick against Bridport in October.

Glen Hayer scored the other goal and White says his team will enter 2022 with confidence and believes they can change shape and be a force for the New Year.

“2021 has been a difficult year for us, to be honest,” he said.

“We haven’t hit the levels we should be in the league, but we’re heading into 2022 in great shape and spirit and there is the foundation for a potentially really successful season.

“If we can keep and keep our key players in good shape as well as recruit well, I truly believe we can be a really competitive team in our tough league.”

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Ferris hat-trick gives Clevedon first win in five games Tue, 28 Dec 2021 17:00:00 +0000

5:00 p.m. December 28, 2021

Archie Ferris scored a hat-trick to help Clevedon Town claim his first victory in five Toolstation Western League games with a 4-1 win over Street at Everyone Active Stadium on Monday.

Street took the lead after nine minutes when Harry Foster’s far-post header over Jordan Lovibond’s cross was brilliantly knocked back by Town goalkeeper Luca Smith, but there was nothing he could do to stop the call. Allesandro Constanza.

However, Clevedon was back on the same level seven minutes later when snappy Freddie King, on the left, prepared Mitch Osmond for a teasing cross that Ferris directed past former Clevedon keeper Harley Wilkinson deep in the net.

In the 34th minute, Wilkinson’s save on another King shot went to a corner and Town took full advantage when Camper’s large cross from Osmond’s short corner saw Ferris pass his marker and skillfully lead the ball over Wilkinson to put Clevedon 2-1 at Halftime.

Clevedon gained confidence and was much more precise early in the second half and they could have increased their lead when a great tackle and an assist from Elliot Nicholson found Camper who put King through only to shoot to the side.

In the 56th minute the score was 3-1 as Ferris gave Osmond a fantastic free kick and Glen Hayer at the far post managed to touch the ball past Wilkinson.

Street tried his luck in the 63rd minute when King’s shot bounced off the bar and hit Ferris on the line before being hacked.

Immediately after that, the return of Ethan Feltham replaced Camper and the determined forward on the left saw him packed by Stafford into the box.

Having missed his previous shot on goal, this time Ferris confidently exploded the ball into the roof of the net to complete his second hat-trick of the season and put the Seasiders 4-1 ahead with the left and their first league win since October .

“We had to show good character after being a bit caught off guard, but after that we controlled the game really well,” said manager Alex White.

“I’m happy for Archie who turned into a good center forward and added goals to his game and the way he reached the top corner with that penalty today will give him confidence for the next one.”

Clevedon is game-free next Saturday, with his next game against Mousehole on January 8.

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Clevedon Town deserves what they’ve accomplished, says White Sun, 26 Dec 2021 09:00:00 +0000

9:00 a.m. on December 26, 2021

Clevedon Town “deserves all the credit” for what they have accomplished during a “difficult time” with injuries and availability, according to manager Alex White.

The Seasiders end 2021 against Street at Everyone Active Stadium this Monday, Dec. 27 at 1 p.m. public holiday, the only game between today and Jan. 8, when they host Mousehole.

Luca Smith who resumed training after a leg injury.
– Credit:

White has been in charge of Town since October after being appointed, with Ryan King as an assistant, as successor to former boss Micky Bell following his departure to become a professional development coach at Bristol City in October.

Despite being only 27, Town’s youngest coach had nine points in his first six games at the helm of the Toolstation Western League and in the fourth round of FA Vase for the second year in a row.

Alex Twiggs is back in training after a two-month absence with an ankle injury.

Alex Twiggs is back in training after a two-month absence with an ankle injury.
– Credit:

“We’ve had a great race since Ryan (King) and I took over and the players deserve all the credit for what they did, especially during a tough time where we were a bit light due to injuries and downtime, which is always a problem for teams at our level, ”he said.

“Although we would have preferred to play last Saturday, the break helped us. Goalkeeper Luca Smith returned to training last week after recovering from his leg injury and Mitch Osmond and Archie Ferris exited as a precaution in Brixham after feeling pinches, but the two should now be in good shape for Street.

“Then, after two months away with an ankle injury, Alex Twiggs should be in good shape to return to training this week.

Cam Salmon briefly returned to Bristol City, which unfortunately for him won’t offer him a contract, but he has asked to return to the Seasiders, which is a great reflection on the club and the way we treat the players. on and off the pitch.

“Given the current number of Covid cases, we are back in the game one game at a time and hope we can continue. “

So, following the latest precautionary advice from the Football Association published last week, the club made the decision to reintroduce the previous Covid measures which worked so well last season and is eager to welcome all supporters to the street game. .

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Western League Helston Athletic vs. Mousehole AFC postponed Fri, 24 Dec 2021 15:10:58 +0000 A top-of-the-table clash between Helston Athletic and Mousehole AFC, fourth and third in the Toolstation Western League rankings respectively, has been postponed due to cases of covid in the Mousehole team.

On the afternoon of Friday, December 24, Mousehole announced that they had been forced to postpone both their match with Helston and their New Years match with Exmouth Town due to the outbreak.

A new match date will be scheduled in due course.

Helston Athletic confirmed the news and insisted the clubhouse would still be open despite the end of the game:

The match was scheduled for an exceptional crowd with the derby falling on Boxing Day. Helston’s next game will be at Buckland Athletic on New Years Day.

It will be their fourth consecutive away game.

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