Mounts bay – Newlyn Fri, 14 Jan 2022 09:24:48 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Mounts bay – Newlyn 32 32 Cream rises to WPGA Championship – Golf Australia Magazine – The Women’s Game Fri, 14 Jan 2022 09:24:48 +0000

The three remaining players on the LPGA Tour – Su Oh, Sarah Jane Smith and Karis Davidson – are second, third and fourth respectively, with new professional Grace Kim ahead at five cents, a stroke ahead of Oh.

From 10and alongside Geoff Ogilvy, Kim got off to a bad start with a bogey at long par 4 before winning the abandoned shot at short 12and hole and adding three more birdies to his card for a round of 68 (-3) to take pole position in the race to be the first Karrie Webb Cup winner in calmer morning conditions.

“It was good, it was definitely better than the wind hitting you,” Kim said of the Friday morning weather. “It was definitely much quieter there in the morning. We had a little rain, but in the end everything went well. The skittles were a little hard but in the end too, it was ok.

Believing she had left a few shots on the course as she alone held the lead at Royal Queensland, Kim headed straight to the green to work on her stroke before clashing with Oh and Smith over the weekend . Despite the unusual situation of not playing with its closest competitors.

TO THE RIGHT: Sarah Jane Smith showed significant improvement on day two at Royal Queensland to sit two behind Kim. PHOTO: PGA Tour of Australasia.

Since the WPGA Championship takes place at the same time as the PGA Men’s Championship, tournament officials decided to continue the formula with two men and one woman in each group over the weekend. A decision that Oh was surprised to learn after his 72nd final.

“I think it would make sense to play together. I’m not sure. Even though I like playing with the boys, it’s a different trophy,” Oh said. guess we’d only play one group, but since it’s two different trophies, two different tournaments in one place – which is great – but yeah, I just thought we could be paired up, but that’s okay.”

Believing the large crowds that have gathered in the first two days despite the January heat in Brisbane are set to increase over the weekend, Oh is sure the cheers and roars, along with plenty of rankings, will help him to follow Kim and Smith. by the way as she mounts her challenge.

Likewise, heading to the green after her afternoon round with Mike Clayton happily browsing her practice to offer some advice, Oh was pleased with her ability to hang on Friday despite not having her best game ever. .

“I think it could have blown a lot today, but I didn’t really play in the afternoon. It was just as windy yesterday morning, but I think the greens were holding maybe a bit better” Oh said, “There weren’t as many gusts. The wind direction has changed since yesterday and today there were a lot of crosswinds.”

“It’s also grainy on the fairways so if we don’t catch it 100 per cent you just don’t get the same height you want so your distances are all over the place and you have to be so precise here. J Hopefully I’ll be a little better in the next two days.

After a one-round second round, Su Oh sits behind Grace Kim with 36 holes to play. PHOTO: PGA Tour of Australasia.

Someone who was better than his work the day before was Smith, who found himself a back shot from Oh after a 68 that improved his score in the first round by three.

“I was happy with that,” Smith said after her lap. “I felt like I wasted a few on the easier holes. I kind of birdied some of the tougher ones. But I was really happy to get away with less than three this afternoon.

“Yesterday I didn’t take advantage of the holes where you can really birdie here, so today I did a bit better, so that was good.”

Although both Smith and Oh are happy with their position after 36 holes, and one-under Davidson is by no means out of the game, Kim is a rising star in Australian golf. The one who seems to be finding her best golf at mixed events alongside the men of recent times, including the recent Western Open in Dubbo and the Sandbelt Invitational where she beat Oh for low women’s honours.

The strategy required at Royal Queensland is clearly working for Kim, and with some additional knowledge gleaned from the grand champion of her group for the first two days of this week, Kim could prove a tough prospect for her more experienced challengers to chase down.

“She has no weakness, she showed no nervousness – the complete package.” – Geoff Ogilvy on Grace Kim.

“I think the biggest lesson – well, I’m still learning for sure – is that you just have to be calm and collected on the golf course,” Kim said of the early stages of his professional career. . “I saw Geoff, he didn’t do very well today and maybe he’s not very happy with himself, but I think he did really well to be able to keep him in the game and obviously not to get too emotional.

“I think towards the end of my amateur career I was definitely a bit too emotional with my shots and yeah, it was so nice to be able to see, even with his career, he’s still able to stay in the present, you know, one shot at a time and its short game – wow – I wish I had a short game.

Kim watching and learning from one of our best modern players shows why she is constantly improving, even when fighting for her own title. And although she may not know it, her acting also impresses some very good judges.

“She has no weakness, she showed no nervousness — the complete package,” Ogilvy told AAP of Kim after their two rides together.

If those nerves stay at bay and Kim’s game continues to show no signs of letting up, this package could just include a first pro win on Sunday.

© Golf Australia. All rights reserved.

Boba Fett’s book navigates the ‘wild and criminal streets of Mos Espa’ Wed, 12 Jan 2022 14:00:00 +0000

This episode is full of references to every other “Star Wars” element you can imagine, from “Star Wars: Holiday Special” to the comic books.

The episode begins with a shot of a B’omarr Order monk crawling outside Jabba’s palace. These first appeared in “Return of the Jedi” (1983) and were based on a concept by Ralph McQuarrie. These monks achieve enlightenment by having their brains transplanted in jars into the bodies of spiders. There is also a photo of a Worrt eating prey outside of Jabba’s Palace. You can see a Worrt in person at Oga’s Cantina above the bar.

Another visual reference from previous “Star Wars” movies comes in the form of the roast Nuna Fett laid out on her table. Nuna – or swamp turkeys – first appeared in “The Phantom Menace” (1999) on both Naboo and Tatooine. You can buy Nuna Turkey Jerky from Ronto Roasters in Galaxy’s Edge. Rontos are the giant dinosaur-like mounts added to the special edition of “A New Hope” (1997) and in this episode, Fett requests that an entire ronto carcass be sent to feed his new pet.

The rancor dialogue scene is also full of many other references. Danny Trejo’s Grudgekeeper refers to Dathomir witches riding grudges, which is straight out of Dave Wolverton’s now legendary book “The Courtship of Princess Leia” (1994). The Dathomir witches themselves were introduced into the canon of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” along with Asajj Ventress, Mother Talzin, and their entire crew. Fett also claims to have mounted things 10 times bigger than a rancor, which is a reference to his first appearance. In the “Star Wars: Holiday Special” (1978), Fett rides an ichthyodont, a giant dinosaur-like creature with bulbous eyes. On the other hand, it could also be a reference to the aiwas, the massive creatures that the Kaminoans rode on the waves of Kamino, Boba’s home planet.

There are some major easter eggs to be found in the hunt to catch the Mayor’s Butler in Mos Espa. The first is a board that one of the swoop gangs crashes into. This is actually a concept painting by Ralph McQuarrie for “Return of the Jedi” (1983). This version has Luke Skywalker edited out of the painting, but was a depiction of Jabba’s palace for the film when Luke confronts Jabba. Curiously, the painting still includes Boba Fett, watching over Jabba’s shoulder.

There are also two different types of notable droids worth highlighting in this scene. The first is a Pit Droid from “The Phantom Menace” (1999) that squeezes itself to avoid pursuit. The second is the Rickshaw Droid from “Attack of the Clones” (2002). In this movie, the droid is carrying Anakin and Padmé to visit Watto, but here he is carrying two Bith and trying to help them avoid dying in the chase.

The whole chase, including the rickshaw, feels like it was inspired by the opening of “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” and ends with a crash into a fruit stand. The fruits in question here, however, are meilooruns. Meilooruns were first seen in “Star Wars: Rebels” and were a sought after fruit for the Rebels. If you look closely enough, you can also see meilooruns at Docking Bay 7 in Galaxy’s Edge.

The final thing of note would be the arrival of the Starliner the Pyke at the end of the episode. It’s not the same design as the Galactic Starliner you’ll soon be able to visit at Disney World, but it’s the same idea.

Sewer warnings on 15 Cornwall beaches after a weekend of heavy rain Mon, 10 Jan 2022 18:02:40 +0000

More than a dozen beaches in Cornwall are currently unsafe due to raw sewage discharged into surrounding waters during the wet weekend.

Using data from water and sewer companies, Surfers Against Sewage’s online interactive map shows that at least 15 beaches have had stormwater from a sewer overflow at their location in the last 48 hours.

The Cornwall-based charity, which campaigns for cleaner waters across the UK, is providing this information to ensure people are at no risk of water quality problems and associated health risks for swimming in sewage. South West Water is licensed to let raw sewage flow into the sea from its combined drains when flooded with rainwater.

Read more:Woman finds herself homeless after fleeing domestic violence

Some other beaches in Cornwall do not have water quality data as it is not provided by the water company in the off season but could still be affected.

During a thunderstorm event, heavy or prolonged rains can quickly increase the flow of a combined sewer and cause it to overflow. Storm overflows are designed to release excess rainwater back into rivers or the sea when this happens and water companies are allowed to do so, though campaigners are fighting for laws that do so. surround are changed.

Environmental activists, including Cornwall-based Surfers Against Sewage, want discharges that damage water quality to stop. They say this happens too often and that more investment is needed to modernize the system by the water companies which are making huge profits and paying billions in dividends to shareholders.

Here are the details of the beaches that currently have warnings in place and the location of the sewer outlet.


Pollution alert: Stormwater has been released from a sewer overflow at this location for the past 48 hours.

Sennen Cove is a large sandy seaside resort, about 940m wide, backed by sand dunes. There are two small streams that flow onto the beach and disperse over the sand. There is an emergency sewer overflow from the Sennen pumping station which can affect the water quality, especially after heavy rains.


Pollution alert: Stormwater has been released from a sewer overflow at this location for the past 48 hours.

A small rural sandy beach with some areas of rocks and pebbles. Cliffs and a picturesque village overlook the beach. There are no sewer overflows flowing directly into Perranuthnoe, but there are a number in nearby Mounts Bay that can affect the quality of the bathing water here.

Marazion Beach today (January 10) where a local thinks there is sewage. There are no sewer overflows that drain directly onto the beach here, although other spills from the surrounding area can reach the sea via the Marazion River.

Sands of Porthleven

Pollution alert: Stormwater has been released from a sewer overflow at this location for the past 48 hours.

Porthleven West is a small pebble beach backed by high cliffs and sits directly across from the mouth of Porthleven reef break harbor, arguably one of the UK’s best waves. There are three sewer overflows in the area, one drains into the harbor, one east of the harbor mouth over rocks into the sea, and another at the western end of Porthleven West.

swan pool

Pollution alert: Stormwater has been released from a sewer overflow at this location for the past 48 hours.

Swanpool is a pebble and sand seaside resort about 140m wide and backing onto the Swanpool Nature Reserve. There is an emergency sewer overflow from the Queen Mary Gardens pumping station that drains into the sea about 420m east of the bathing waters.

Gyllyngvase Beach

Pollution alert: Stormwater has been released from a sewer overflow at this location for the past 48 hours.

Gyllyngvase is a popular seaside resort on the South Cornish coast located at the mouth of the River Fal. It is a long, sandy beach with a rocky reef at each end and a promenade to the west. On the site of Pendennis Castle, Gylly is a very gently sloping beach supported by beautiful gardens to the west. Although no sewer overflow drains directly into the Gyllyngvase bathing water, a nearby overflow may be assigned some 400m southwest of the beach. Other discharges into the Fal River may also have an effect here, as well as diffuse pollution.

By Sables

Pollution alert: Stormwater has been released from a sewer overflow at this location for the past 48 hours.

A long sandy beach about 1 km wide, Par is bordered by sand dunes as well as a brackish lagoon and Par Harbor. Two sewer overflows drain into this beach, one drains 230 m upstream into the Par River, while the other drains into the sea at Par Spit, southwest of the beach.

Bigmouth sand

Pollution alert: Stormwater has been released from a sewer overflow at this location for the past 48 hours.

A wide, sandy beach with rocky reef outcrops perfect for rock pooling, Widemouth Bay is a popular beach backed by low cliffs and interesting rock formations. A sewer overflow drains 270 m upstream and empties into the sea through Widemouth Bay. The quality of bathing water can also be affected by other discharges from the surrounding urban area.

Mawgan Harbor

Pollution alert: Stormwater has been released from a sewer overflow at this location for the past 48 hours.

A long, rural sandy beach surrounded by high cliffs and backed by sand dunes. The Menalhyl river crosses the beach. At low tide, various caves and coves are exposed. Two sewer overflows flow into Mawgan Porth beach; one 150 m upstream from the Menalhyl River and another in a small stream at the north end of the beach.

North Fistral

Pollution alert: Stormwater has been released from a sewer overflow at this location for the past 48 hours.

South Fistral

Pollution alert: Stormwater has been released from a sewer overflow at this location for the past 48 hours.

Fistral is one of the UK’s most famous surfing beaches. South Fistral backs onto high cliffs and offers rock pools as the tide goes down. There is an emergency / sewer overflow from the Yellowsands Pumping Station that drains into the sea at the southern end of Fistral Beach off Pentire Headland.

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Pollution alert: Stormwater has been released from a sewer overflow at this location for the past 48 hours.

Located on the north Cornish coast, Crantock is a wide, sandy beach backed by dunes with a river running through the north end. Three sewer overflows surround Crantock – one drains into the Gannel River 500m upstream from the beach, one from the West Pentire pumping station on the southwest side, and another that drains into the Gannel.

Trévaunance cove

Pollution alert: Stormwater has been released from a sewer overflow at this location for the past 48 hours.

Trevaunance Cove is a small sandy and rocky beach located in a picturesque cove surrounded by high cliffs, which is also home to SAS headquarters! A reasonable amount of sand is exposed at low tide and it is possible to walk over the rocks to nearby Trevellas, while at high tide the entire beach is covered. Two sewer overflows flow into the Trevaunance stream, 70 m and 750 m upstream from the beach. Other discharges from the surrounding urban area can also affect the quality of bathing water, especially after heavy rains.


Pollution alert: Stormwater has been released from a sewer overflow at this location for the past 48 hours.

Porthtowan is a rock, sand and pebble beach surrounded on both sides by high cliffs and rock pools and supported by the remains of a sand dune and a small river. At high tide the beach becomes narrow while at low tide large expanses of sandbanks are exposed. A number of sewer overflows flow at various places upstream from Porthtowan into the Porthtowan stream which crosses the beach before reaching the sea.

Gwithian Towans

Pollution alert: Stormwater has been released from a sewer overflow at this location for the past 48 hours.

Gwithian Towans, located on the north Cornish coast, is a sandy and rocky beach backed by sand dunes. St Ives Bay is located to the north of this 5km stretch of beach with the Red River flowing into the sea to the north at Godrevy – two Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) drain upstream of this river and may affect water quality especially after heavy rains.

Godrevy towans

Pollution alert: Stormwater has been released from a sewer overflow at this location for the past 48 hours.

Godrevy sits at the northern end of a vast expanse of sand stretching from Hayle to the south, interrupted only by Hayle River. It is a sandy beach backed by dunes at its southern end, becoming more rocky in the north with crumbly cliffs backing onto the beach. No sewer overflow drains directly onto the beach, but there are two that drain further upstream into the Red River and sometimes affect the quality of bathing water.

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]]> Pablo Morales wins 5 at Tampa Bay Downs for 2nd consecutive day Sat, 08 Jan 2022 23:55:00 +0000

Don’t let the looks fool you.

Behind Pablo Morales’ youthful appearance hides a ruthless competitor.

“He looks so nice and polite,” said his agent, Paula Bacon, laughing, as these are actually two traits that Morales possesses in abundance. “But he’s actually a baby-faced sniper disguised as a sheep.”

Bacon’s metaphor was not far off the past two Saturdays at Tampa Bay Downs. After riding five winners on Jan.1, Morales did it again today, starting 4-4 ​​before calming down to go 5-8 with one second.

(Tampa Bay Downs)

The performance gives Morales 23 wins in the competition, placing him tied for the first time with Antonio Gallardo. This is the third time Morales has won five races on a Tampa Bay Downs map.

“Unreal. It was awesome, what can I say?” Said Morales. “I’m as happy as I can get. This game is really weird, and we just have to stay in it everyday. It’s things like this that help me keep going, no matter what.

Bacon, a former jockey, said all the pieces were in place for the 33-year-old Lima, Peru product to compete for his first competitive title at the Tampa Bay Downs. Morales won seven titles at Presque Isle Downs, where he more than doubled second with 120 winners last season.

“He gets good mounts and he makes them count,” Bacon said. “It drives incredibly well. He has a lot of natural physical abilities, he understands right away and he makes smart decisions in his races.

Bacon, who looked at today’s card at home, marveled at Morales’ winning run in race five, a first class claiming a mile on turf for the 3-year-old fillies. After keeping his mount, the gray filly of trainer Tim Hamm Music Amore, in an early stalking position, Morales spotted a turn opening for the house and headed Music Amore to the Promised Land, resulting in a victory of ‘a length and a half of Sign and Seal.

“He made the last second decision to take the home turn, and I thought it was a very smart decision,” Bacon said. “When he changed course to get inside, I thought it won the race for him.”

Morales’ winning streak was interrupted in the seventh turf race, the Lambholm South Race of the Week, when he finished second aboard Pythoness by a half-length at Bleecker Street, a 4-year-old filly. years ridden by Hector Rafael Diaz, Jr., and coached by Chad Brown.

“Yeah, it took dang Chad Brown to get it,” Bacon said of the four-time Eclipse Award-winning coach.

Morales’ first victory came in race two on Daily Briefing, a 4 year old filly owned by Curragh Stables and trained by John P. Terranova, II. She paid $ 8.40 to win as a second bet pick.

Morales won the third race on Bear Creek, a 5 year old gelding owned by Mark Hoffman and trained by Dennis Ward. He paid $ 10.80 to win.

After missing out on fourth place and winning 2-1 over favorite Music Amore, Morales won race six over favorite 5-2 Curlin’s Thrill, a 5-year-old gelding owned by Sabal Racing Stable and Patrick Rhodes and trained by Darien Rodriguez .

The jockey’s fifth victory came in race ninth, a comeback from 5-year-old Florida gelding Cajun Casanova, owned by Monster Racing Stables and coached by Jose H. Delgado. Cajun Casanova paid $ 5.80 to win as a second choice bet. “This horse just ran huge today,” said Morales. “He ran against tough horses, but when things go like that, he’s a monster. He loved to run and he gives it all.

Bacon, who retired as a jockey since 2002, is looking forward to teaming up with Morales throughout the season in hopes of fighting for the top spot.

“We still have to work our buttocks to get anywhere,” she said. “It’s a very deep colony of jockeys, but I know Pablo will stick to the task.”

Morales agrees with Bacon’s assessment that he is physically and mentally capable of wrestling. “I’m fit and healthy, and that’s the main thing. I will continue to work and wait for the right opportunities, and when I get them thank goodness I can prove myself because by proving myself to the coaches and owners they will choose to ride me. Obviously, I can’t do anything without their help, ”he said.

“I am extremely grateful for all the connections. I do it for myself, my family and the people who support me. It can be kind of a roller coaster here, but days like this put me in a fight, and hopefully I’ll be able to stay busier.

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Serbia denounces Djokovic visa decision | Port Stephens Examiner Thu, 06 Jan 2022 21:33:53 +0000

The Serbian Foreign Ministry has denounced Australia’s decision to cancel the visa of tennis star Novak Djokovic, saying the world number 1 was the victim of a political game.

Australian Ambassador to Belgrade Daniel Emery was summoned to the ministry and urged to make personal efforts to help Djokovic.

The federal government on Thursday canceled Djokovic’s visa to enter the country for the Australian Open because he did not meet the vaccination requirements required for entry.

The Serbian ministry said Australia had acted in bad faith towards the tennis star.

“Starovic underlined that the Serbian public has a strong impression that Djokovic is the victim of a political game against his will, and that he has been lured to Australia to be humiliated,” the ministry statement said.

“Novak Djokovic is not a criminal, terrorist or illegal migrant, but he has been treated this way by Australian authorities, causing understandable outrage from his fans and citizens of Serbia.”

A protest note was also sent by the Serbian government to its embassy in Canberra, following the visa decision.

The Serbian superstar has claimed he has a vaccination exemption allowing him to travel to Australia.

But it appears he only had an exemption provided by Tennis Australia and the Victorian government to enter the competition.

Djokovic is being held in a hotel in north Melbourne pending a legal challenge to his visa cancellation.

The case is due to be heard on Monday.

The hotel is also used to accommodate asylum seekers, and the Serbian Foreign Ministry has called on the federal government to provide better accommodation for Djokovic.

“Serbia does not want to influence the upcoming decision of the Australian justice in any way,” the statement said.

“(Serbia) expects the country’s authorities, in the spirit of good bilateral relations between Australia and Serbia (…) to allow Djokovic to spend (time) in better accommodation. “

Meanwhile, Victoria’s acting Prime Minister Jacinta Allan said the state government had not been informed by Tennis Australia that unvaccinated tennis players would not be allowed into the country.

Djokovic has obtained a medical exemption from Tennis Australia and the Victorian government to compete in the upcoming Australian Open.

The Commonwealth wrote to Tennis Australia last year to advise the organization that unvaccinated arrivals would not be allowed and that a recent viral infection would not be a valid exemption from the requirement.

Ms Allan said that although the federal government informed Tennis Australia of the vaccination requirements, this had not been communicated to the state government.

“I am informed that members of the Victorian government had not seen this correspondence, we would not necessarily see it,” she told reporters in Melbourne on Friday.

“But that reinforces that point that the Commonwealth Government is responsible for issuing visas, and how they engage in this dialogue with Tennis Australia is their business.”

Meanwhile, Home Secretary Karen Andrews has revealed that border officials are investigating two more arrivals to Australia for the Grand Slam tournament for similar visa violations for non-vaccination.

“If the Australia Border Force learns that there is a problem, they will continue to investigate and ensure that Australia’s entry conditions are maintained,” she told the Seven Network on Friday. .

“(ABF) will continue with the investigations and once they are finalized I am sure I will be notified.”

Djokovic’s family in Serbia rallied behind the champion, accusing the federal government of keeping him captive and comparing him to Jesus.

“They are keeping him in captivity. They are trampling on Novak and therefore trampling on Serbia and the Serbian people,” Djokovic’s father Srdjan told a press conference in Belgrade on Thursday.

The Australian Open starts on January 17th.

Australian Associated Press

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What’s new with COVID-19 in Australia on January 5, 2022 | Bay Post-Moruya Examiner Wed, 05 Jan 2022 05:13:00 +0000

news, national,

The refrain was familiar – with test clinics turning people down, increasing new cases of RAT being rarer than chicken teeth. Hospitals continue to bear the brunt of ever-increasing numbers and this is now spilling out further down the chain, particularly in Victoria. The extreme demand for ambulances in Melbourne has prompted a “code red” from the service. For three hours between midnight and 3 a.m. on Wednesday, the service said there would likely be delays in arriving ambulances due to extremely high demand in the metro area. Residents of Queensland with mild symptoms of COVID-19 are urged to stay home as hospitals and testing centers are overwhelmed while in NSW also encouraging people to avoid queuing for PCR tests. Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet said the state was doing “everything in its power to put downward pressure” on wait times for testing, some of the 50 million rapid antigen tests that l State ordered are expected to arrive next week. The pressure on the system is expected to intensify further next week when COVID-19 vaccines become available for children between the ages of five and 11. The pricing and distribution of RATs will be discussed at today’s national cabinet meeting. The state reported another record for daily cases with 35,054 new COVID-19 infections out of 108,844 tests and eight deaths recorded until 8 p.m. Tuesday. The number of people hospitalized rose to 1,491, including 119 in intensive care and 32 people on ventilators. As the number of intensive care units increases, the tally is lower than the peak of 244 seen in September. Victoria has registered 17,636 new cases of COVID-19, with almost one in three testing positive. There were 11 deaths reported in Wednesday’s figures, with the number of tests again falling slightly below 60,000. Active cases are at 51,317. There are 591 people hospitalized and 20 on ventilation. The state recorded 6,781 new cases of COVID-19 during the 24-hour baseline. Ten people are in intensive care at the hospital, including two on ventilators, with a total of 268 hospitalized with COVID. Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said 18 million RAT kits had been obtained by the government but would not be ready immediately. The ACT reported 810 new cases of COVID-19 within 24 hours to 8 p.m. Tuesday, down from the 926 cases reported the day before. The new cases bring the active total to 3,069. There are 16 people hospitalized with COVID, with one person in intensive care and on ventilation. Tasmania recorded its largest single-day peak of new COVID-19 cases as the total number of active cases surpassed 3,000. In the past 24 hours, the state recorded 867 new COVID cases, 165 more than the day before, bringing the state’s total number of cases to 3,118. Of the new cases reported Wednesday, 333 are being cared for at home and 72 in a community facility. Active cases come from 2412 tests. Five people with coronavirus are hospitalized for unrelated medical problems. South Australia has reported 3,493 more cases of COVID-19, with more people hospitalized with the virus. The number of cases rose from 3,246 on Tuesday and hospital admissions rose from 102 to 125. The number of people in intensive care remained unchanged at 12 with one person on a ventilator. The Northern Territory recorded 117 new cases, up from 75 yesterday. There are 39 new cases of community transmission, 31 are close contacts, 46 are recent interstate arrivals, two are international arrivals and nine are under investigation. Five of the cases are from Katherine, the majority of the others from Darwin. Western Australia has registered five new cases of COVID. Three are linked to the Delta backpacker cluster. One is a security guard working at a quarantine hotel, while the other is close contact with an interstate arrival. 11 other cases are linked to interstate and overseas arrivals. All are isolated. – with AAP



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Oilers @ Rangers Play Notes: Score First – OILERSNATION Mon, 03 Jan 2022 16:00:45 +0000

There are some stats you can manipulate to make your point more valid, but scoring first isn’t one of them. The teams that score first win more often. In the last five seasons, only five teams have managed to have a points percentage above 50%, essentially one team per season. It doesn’t matter if you are a good, average or bad team. Score first more often and your chances of winning increase dramatically.

– The Washington Capitals lead the NHL with 48 points. They are 16-4-3 (.696P%) when they score first and they are 4-2-5 (.364P%) when they allow the first goal.

The Winnipeg Jets are 16th in the NHL. They are 11-2-2 (0.733P%) when they score first and 5-9-3 (0.295%) when they don’t.

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The Montreal Canadiens occupy the 31st. They are 5-4-3 (.417P%) when they score first and they are 2-19-1 (.091P%) when the opposition scores first.

– The St. Louis Blues are the only team with a better P% in allowing the first goal. The Blues are 10-4-4 (0.556P%) when they score first and 9-5-1 (0.600) when they give up first. These are the outliers. The rest of the NHL is much better when it scores first.

– The Oilers are no exception. In fact, they’re the only team in the NHL that didn’t suffer a loss when they scored first. They are perfect 10-0. The problem is, they have scored the fewest times of any NHL team first. They lit the lamp first in just 31.2% of their matches. And it’s been a lot worse recently, with Edmonton only scoring the first goal four times in its last 23 games, which equates to a horrific 17.3% of total games.

– How do they fix it? There is an easy answer. They have to play faster. Edmonton isn’t moving the puck fast enough. I find far too often that they just kick the puck down when no one is chasing or when they have possession in the defensive zone and simply return it to the ice. It is a problem. The other is their ability to deliver goals. Edmonton can self-destruct as well as any team in the NHL. When they make a mistake, it’s a 10-bell mistake. And a lot of times that comes after they’ve played well for five or 10 minutes, but then they make a huge decision with or without the puck, and all of a sudden they’re behind. Until they figure out how to be more mentally and emotionally ready to play, they will find themselves chasing after the game. And that’s not a recipe for winning.

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– The Rangers shut out Tampa Bay 4-0 yesterday. They did so without Artemi Panarin who was placed on the COVID protocol. He won’t be playing tonight and neither will starting goalie Igor Shesterkin. Well, I guess he won’t be playing in quick succession after getting his second shutout of the season yesterday. He only started once in his consecutive nights career. The Oilers will therefore likely see replacement Alexandar Georgiev. It’s a big break as Shesterkin was one of the best in the NHL with a .936Sv% in 20 starts and Georgiev has a .902Sv% in 11 starts. When you’re fighting as badly as the Oilers, any potential weakness is a good thing. We’ll see if the Oilers can take advantage of it.

– Edmonton scored six goals against Georgiev in a 6-5 overtime win in Edmonton on November 5. Edmonton trailed 1-0 just 1:53 in that game and trailed 4-1 at 6:56 of the second period before coming back to win. The Rangers are the fifth-best NHL record since that loss at 15-6-1, so Edmonton can’t expect a miraculous comeback again. They need to be aggressive from the first face-off and bring the play to the Rangers, rather than waiting to lose a goal before starting to play.

– I’ve seen a lot of them suggest the Oilers should replace Dave Tippett. I understand why many think a change in coaching is necessary, but does it matter? I think it’s a mistake to try to compare the Oilers to Vancouver. The Canucks brought in Bruce Boudreau and the Canucks have played really well since. However, the day he got hired I said he was in a good position to be successful because the top Canucks players weren’t playing well back then. Now they are, and the addition of a new trainer looks good. But Edmonton’s top players currently sit at the top and second in scoring in the league. What more can they do with a new coach? The Flyers fired their head coach and promoted assistant coach Mike Yeo and the results were no different.

– Will a new coach suddenly make the goalkeeper more consistent? Will he make the last six better offensively and defensively? Perhaps, but it is far from certain. I think if the Oilers don’t get a win tonight or Wednesday in Toronto, the heat under Tippett’s siege will intensify. No doubt about it. The NHL is poised to win and the Oilers had to be better than the wildcard spot they currently hold. Tippett has to take some responsibility, but the management and the players too for their performances so far this season. They have to be better, and scoring first would go a long way to rectifying that.

– A new coach might have a different message, and that might be enough to get the group going again. However, I feel that Ken Holland will be patient. His record of dismissal of coaches during the season bears witness to this. He has never fired a coach during the season. He will be patient, but if the recent losing slippage persists for a few more weeks, he may have no choice but to take a step. If the players like Tippett, then they have to play better if they want him to stay. It’s easy to blame one person and look for a scapegoat, but there isn’t a single person responsible for the Oilers’ recent game. It’s total teamwork. But the harsh reality is that the GM cannot change all the players, and often the coach takes one for the team. I don’t think Holland gives it serious thought yet, but with every loss the tension mounts.

– I would play Warren Foegele or Brendan Perlini instead of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Devin Shore doesn’t have the same attacking potential as these two.

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– Edmonton has had just four power-play advantages in its last four games. And I don’t think the officials missed too many calls from opposing teams. The Oilers just haven’t put opposing players in a position to take penalties. The Oilers have been on the perimeter far too often lately. Usually when you play fast and move the puck quickly it puts teams in more difficult positions to defend and that’s when the penalties happen. Edmonton can’t just wait for a power play. They need to put the Rangers on the defensive and force them into bad positions.

– A current goaltender analyst shared this about Smith: “He’s the hardest working goaltender who finds a way to look good when he contributes losses. He made two superb overtime saves against the Devils, but allowed three weak goals. You can’t use free time as an excuse. It needs to be more consistent. We’ll see if Smith or Mikko Koskinen (I’m assuming Koskinen) takes the start tonight. Whoever it is, he can’t afford a weak goal. The Oilers are just too fragile to get over that right now.

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Cornwall made national and international news five times in 2021 Fri, 31 Dec 2021 06:00:00 +0000

It’s easy for the rest of the UK to forget Cornwall at times, but 2021 has been a particularly strange year.

As the county is often seen simply as a vacation destination, the comings and goings here are not always in the news.

But this year Cornwall has been noticed a few times beyond the Tamar – from celebrity visits and high-profile court cases to a certain collection of world leaders sitting in a West Cornwall hotel.

Not all was good news, however, with many of Cornwall’s most tragic events touching the rest of the conscience of the country.

Here are five times Cornwall appeared in national media in 2021.

G7 Leaders’ Summit, Carbis Bay

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie Johnson

On the weekend of January 16, 2021, just weeks after the start of the year (and after the start of the third national lockdown), Cornwall received some very interesting news.

A small group of millionaires were heading to an expensive hotel in West Cornwall for the weekend in June.

While it does happen every year, this particular elite group had a specific reason to go to the Carbis Bay Hotel for the weekend, which wasn’t just a happy one.

The announcement of the G7 Leaders’ Summit in Cornwall gave an unusual start to the year and opinions were totally divided on whether it was a good idea.

From concerns in the parking lot to fears that world leaders, their entourage, thousands more police officers and all the protesters will cause a wave of Covid, everyone had an opinion on this.

What was particularly interesting about this summit, however, was that it meant newly elected US President Joe Biden would set foot in the UK for the first time in his post in Cornwall.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden in Carbis Bay Cornwall after their meeting ahead of the G7 summit

Cornwall’s choice was, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, meant to be a chance to show off the UK’s most beautiful county.

When the big weekend finally arrived on June 11, world leaders from the world’s largest economies arrived at Cornwall’s tiny former Newquay Airport to discuss the near future of the Global North.

Throughout the weekend, national media – and even some international media – focused entirely on Cornwall, sparking further discussion about our levels of poverty, underinvestment and how busy our beaches were.

You can read our recap of this strange weekend here.

Royal Navy jet crash, Lizard Peninsula

The scene where a Royal Navy jet crashed during a training exercise
The scene where a Royal Navy jet crashed during a training exercise

At around 9:30 a.m. on March 25, a Royal Navy training exercise for Hawk fighter pilots took a turn for the worse when a pair had to eject from their plane after hearing a thud.

The Hawk XX189, based at RNAS Culdrose, then plunged into St Martin Woods, near Helston on the Lizard.

According to firefighters and the Navy, the plane “disintegrated” on impact and fire crews and police from across Cornwall rushed to the scene.

Devon and Cornwall Police Sergeant Chris Miles told CornwallLive at the time: ‘We got a call this morning about a plane that fell to the bottom of this field and the wreckage of it. these are in the woods beyond what you can see. “

Various pieces of jet could be seen buried in mounds of mud and littered through the woods and the adjacent field.

A huge cordon was put in place while the emergency services took care of the incident.

The pilots themselves were not seriously injured and the Hawk planes grounded for emergency checks were returned to service a few weeks later.

This particularly dramatic event was covered across the country, from CornwallLive reporters racing to attend the scene in person, to celebrities including Sky News is informing the nation.

Our coverage of this story can be found here.

Filming of the House of the Dragon

Smoke and film crews in St Michael's Mount as House of the Dragon production underway
Smoke and film crews in St Michael’s Mount as House of the Dragon production underway

Game of Thrones became a global phenomenon when its HBO TV adaptation aired from 2011 until its controversial end in 2019.

So it was no surprise that many people were rather excited when rumors started to spread like wildfire about the highly anticipated prequel, House of the Dragon, set in Cornwall in April.

What many at first called a fantasy came true when an eagle-eyed reporter from CornwallLive spotted House Velaryon’s seahorse seal on a bizarre mausoleum-like structure on Mount St Michael .

After our first reports, news of the shoot spread around the world.

Posts from London to Brazil, well, pretty much anywhere you can get HBO, started speculating what the sets were on the show, which is due out next year.

Things only got more exciting when celebrities started appearing on our beaches.

Matt Smith, famous for his lead role in Doctor Who and his more recent portrayal of Prince Philip in The Crown, appeared alongside co-star Emma D’Arcy at Holywell Beach.

The couple filmed several scenes that you might even spy on in the trailer released months later.

The smoke from St Michael’s Mount made people even more excited, as well as what appeared to be large crowd scenes with dozens of fully costumed Game of Thrones extras.

Former Doctor Who star Matt Smith was spotted filming for House of the Dragon in Kynance Cove – and even made a canine friend

Then everything calmed down, probably due to reports of a Covid epidemic among the crew.

In September, filming resumed and star Smith made headlines once again playing with a dog in Targaryen costume.

Mini the cat

Carly Jose's Mini cat was killed in a horrific attack by Western Hunt dogs on Saturday March 6.
Carly Jose’s Mini cat was killed in a horrific attack by Western Hunt dogs on Saturday March 6.

News of the death of a beloved pet, while incredibly sad, rarely touches national consciousness.

So, the 14-year-old rescue cat Mini’s death becoming a national debate came as a surprise.

On March 6, Western Hunting Master John Lanyon Sampson, his son Edward, and Edward’s partner Henrietta took their hunting dogs for a walk.

Just before noon, six or seven of the 21 dogs broke off the main pack when they approached Trafalgar Fields Estate, Madron and mutilated Carly Jose’s Mini cat to death.

Edward was filmed throwing Mini’s body over a fence and running away.

Mini’s death has become the focal point of a new campaign against not only the Western Hunt, but the hunt in the UK as a whole.

Hunt’s saboteurs cited the ongoing (then) lawsuit against Mr Sampson, while national media tune in to watch the lawsuit in early December and covered the controversy over the video showing Edward throwing Mini’s body .

John Sampson was convicted of being responsible for a dangerously out of control dog in Truro court on December 10.

Ms Jose and anti-hunting activists celebrated and pointed out that the move was somewhat of a first for the masters of the hunt, who – they said – had never been convicted before following the death of a pet.

Meanwhile, a petition to bring the “Mini Law” to the attention of Parliament has garnered hundreds of thousands of signatures.

You can read the full story and court case here.

Various housing crisis

General views of Truro
General views of Truro

The housing situation in Cornwall has always been difficult, but this year a lot has happened at the same time.

Things got completely hopeless this year and put Cornwall on the map for less than pleasant reasons than the G7 or some prominent celebrity visiting the county.

The second homes of wealthy people who live elsewhere are widely seen as pushing prices up to unaffordable levels, while starving local trading businesses out of the tourist season.

This has come to a head this year, with multiple protests (including at the G7) calling for legislation giving preferential treatment to local buyers and more protections for tenants.

The pandemic made matters worse for everyone, but not the least of local buyers and tenants who needed to find a home locally.

Many wealthy buyers came to the county to work remotely in clerical jobs elsewhere, and pushed the locals even further.

Meanwhile, the all-out tourism frenzy this year has meant that many homeowners (once Section 21 protections were exhausted) have started evicting their tenants to create lucrative Airbnbs.

The keeper and time, in particular, has published several long readings on the issues of eviction and house prices in Cornwall, reflecting much of the local media coverage.

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Volkswagen Polo modified with Golf GT R engine Wed, 29 Dec 2021 03:17:18 +0000
Volkswagen Polo Modified 400 hp

The racing Volkswagen Polo developed by Nik_Trans Motorsport took 14 months to complete

Volkswagen Polo is the closest thing to a hot hatch that Indian consumers on a tight budget have known for over a decade now. It is in fact considered to be the best performance car in India for the mass market. Therefore, Polo is a very popular hatch in rally races across the country, thanks to a powerful engine and exceptional dynamics.

The engine is also tuner-compatible, often leading to a custom Polo producing significantly more horsepower than the original model. In this case, the Polo replaced the original engine with a new one, resulting in a massive power output of over 400hp.

Volkswagen Polo modified 400 hp – Weight reduction

An aftermarket parts shop based in Surat, Gujarat named Nik_Trans Motorsport developed a custom rally model of Polo. This hatchback is based on an original Polo GT TSI and has been stripped of all essential components in order to significantly reduce the weight of the car. These include all passenger seats, instrument panel equipment and other interiors.

In addition, the original fuel tank was replaced with a smaller 35-liter unit. As a result, the Polo referred to here has a reduced curb weight of 1050 kg. Further modifications have been made to the chassis which gets a new custom subframe derived from the original subframe found on the MK6 Golf R. The video below by B CHOWW details the mod-job. It also shows a first driving experience and acceleration to 200 km / h.

Engine from Golf R

The most significant change is seen under the boot which features a 2.0-liter TSI EA888 CCZ gasoline engine from the Mk6 Golf R. The custom engine was installed in the engine bay using OEM specification mounts which guaranteed no fit or structural adjustment in the body. The engine was fitted with an APR GTX turbo system and a compatible ECU.

The modifications to the powertrain resulted in a maximum output of 403 hp and 530 Nm of maximum torque. To effectively put that level of power and torque on the tarmac, a 4WD transmission was integrated in place of the original FWD system. To achieve this, the folks at Nik_trans purchased a Haldex-type 4WD system that would distribute power evenly between all four wheels.

Improved dynamics, braking

Thanks to the 50:50 weight distribution, the car has much better handling when cornering. A similar system is also found on the transverse engine of international VW models branded 4MOTION. Higher speeds require more stopping power and therefore the braking configuration has been improved for disc brakes on all four wheels with 340mm front rotors and 320mm rotors at the rear.

In a recent Valley Run, this Polo sprinted from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.0 seconds. In the drag test, the 2.0 Polo recorded the fastest segment time of 12.6 seconds for the quarter mile. Nik_trans Motorsport is now preparing to offer these kits commercially to buyers, but only for Motorport purposes.

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Christmas greetings from the story hunter – Yukon News Sat, 25 Dec 2021 16:00:00 +0000

As Christmas approaches and anticipation builds, I remember many events associated with Christmases past. My experiences living in Dawson City stand out for me: for example, adding a garland of last minute Christmas lights outside the house at 30 below, fumbling around with numb fingers.

Every year, I looked for a Christmas tree that wasn’t too thin or out of balance, and then I decorated the slender branches. I used the same tactic many others used: I picked up extra spruce branches and drilled holes in the trunk of the Christmas tree to fill in the gaps. It was unsuccessful and the branches quickly withered and lost their needles.

One Christmas, I searched in vain for a suitable Christmas tree. I resorted to the cut of a 30ft tall spruce top so that I could take the perfectly formed top for our living room. Another year, I think 1995, I tried unsuccessfully to find a suitable choice, so I bought one that had been imported from British Columbia. This too was a failure, as the tree quickly dried up and threw needles on everything below. Due to the risk of fire, the tree was quickly removed after Christmas was over.

Another year, I pulled our tree out of the bay window in the living room after the holidays and found that the apron underneath had frozen to the ground. Our house needed a little more insulation to make it comfortable.

Attending the Christmas Eve service at St. Paul’s Church has always been memorable. For years the problem of keeping the church warm went unresolved. The main radiators have been in use for some time. Due to the noise they produced, they could not be maintained during the actual service. Their roar and jets of hot air filled the voluminous interior until at the last moment they were extinguished, leaving only the tantalizing smell of kerosene and the rapidly diminishing heat.

As the cold crept back into the building, people at the back of the church felt it first and urged proceedings to “hurry.” The minister in his mukluks and everyone bundled up in long underpants and parkas were reminders that Mother Nature reigned right outside the doors.

A Christmas tree full of gifts. (Courtesy / Michael Gates)

One Christmas Eve, the mail truck, carrying cards, letters and important packages, arrived late in town. I went to get our mail, but got the news that we, like everyone else, had to wait. Finally, the truck arrived, and unloading and sorting continued. The clock listened to the minutes and the closing time ticked by, but the dedicated post office staff remained at their posts, continuing to place letters and parcel notices in boxes. Finally, they were finished, hours after the usual closing time. My wife Kathy made a big batch of cookies which I took with me and delivered to the post office staff, who stayed at the counter until the last possible moment when they would have just as well were able to close the doors and return home to their families. We received our mail and our packages, and Christmas was saved. It’s like that in a small town.

Things were different 100 years ago. There were no planes to transport Yukoners to visit relatives in distant places. Automobiles were a rarity. There was no Internet, radio, television or Netflix. Closest thing to media entertainment was the silent, squeaky moving images, years out of date. How could the community survive without these modern conveniences, you ask? Well, there were newspapers carrying the latest news from abroad. People gathered, sang and had fun. Fresh fruit? Not until the river boats arrive in the spring.

Christmas in Whitehorse also had its unique aspects, such as the arrival of Santa Claus aboard the White Pass train in the 1950s as he stormed into the Main Street station. Santa, I’m told, then went to the Hougen department store, where he met all the kids with their Christmas wish lists.

For years, Chief Isaac hosted special celebrations in Moosehide around Christmas, to which all Dawsonians were invited. He has always strived to remind newcomers to his homeland what his people had lost due to the Gold Rush. It took almost a century to address these concerns through land claims.

Looking back in the old newspapers, I read about the celebrations that took place in the previous century. On the last day before the school closed for the holidays, the children performed in recitals attended by proud parents. This is something that has not changed over time!

There were celebrations they called “Christmas trees”, or just “trees” for short, that everyone attended, where gifts were handed out to the children. We have similar gatherings today, but somewhere along the way we stopped calling the events “Christmas trees”.

Newspaper advertisements prompted shoppers to purchase these last minute Christmas gifts. Years later, as Dawson’s population dwindled to a few hundred, parents had to place their Christmas catalog orders the previous summer, in hopes that they would be delivered to Dawson before the last paddle steamer. is not put up on the roads for the winter. What a challenge that must have been.

This year we could experience commodity shortages as supply chains are disrupted by COVID and dramatic weather events, but somehow I don’t think it will slow our morale over the holidays. .

One thing that hasn’t changed is the spirit of the season. In a 1902 editorial, the Whitehorse Star said: “At this time of year we should all put aside all political strife, partisan sentiment and non-charity and give everyone the grip of good fellowship – it behooves us to forget our sorrows and for this time of year at least, strive to live up to these words – Peace on Earth, goodwill towards men. “It’s a feeling that is as significant today as it was a hundred years ago.

So, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, wherever you are.

Michael Gates is the first recipient in Yukon history. He is the author of six Yukon history books. His latest, “Dublin Gulch: A History of the Eagle Gold Mine”, received the Axiom Business Book Award silver medal for corporate history. You can contact him at

History hunter

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