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You don’t have to be a Honda aficionado to think about this 1996 Honda Civic Coupe and realize that it’s about much more than a swap of engine and fancy rims. Details abound on this EJ build and there isn’t a single part of this car that hasn’t been cleaned up, replaced or reworked, all in the name of the pursuit of perfection.

Thirst for knowledge

Rather than relying on others and tossing the car from shop to shop to assemble his vision of the ideal restomod, owner Moe Drennon took matters into his own hands and proudly takes credit for building almost all aspects of this project. Having built Hondas in the past with help in various aspects, this one would serve as a turning point. “I wanted to teach myself things that I had never done before,” Moe says. “I was able to learn how to paint a car on my own! I always wanted to learn how to paint a whole car rather than miscellaneous little things that friends ask for help with. That’s the big difference and I decided that I wanted to go beyond to learn.”

Scroll through Moe’s old IG posts and you’ll spot another 6th-gen Civic from the not-so-distant past in sedan form. Having just finished this car, he felt like something was missing. The hard work was there, but he was convinced he could do better, and just a week after the sedan was considered complete, he bought this coupe for just $200.

bare bones

Now, in all honesty, it wasn’t a shining example of a coupe and the price reflected that. He adds, “Drove all the way to Georgia to pick it up. The owner had a forklift and just put it on my trailer – I didn’t even have to push it! The body was completely original and straight for the most part.. Perfect for teaching me body work, bait steps, direct metal steps, blocking and blocking and blocking – then some more blocking, until that I have a straight panel. No interior, no wiring – it was basically a blank slate and saved Moe the time needed to disassemble the car while also saving money on items I he wouldn’t use anyway.

Serving as its first official full paint job, the coupe’s finish is exceptional. The paint was continued into the cabin and engine bay, and also covers some choice parts that needed to be found. “I wanted to add things that I had always wanted since the early 2000s, like the Mugen Ferio spoiler, the Veilside bonnet and the old state plates.” All-new Regamaster Evos have been bolted to the 32mm ITR 5-lug conversion and the skin of the car has been tuned with Riaction coilovers backed by a host of suspensions that replace worn parts and spice up the EJ’s handling .

Once an H-series guy, Moe has since switched to Honda’s do-it-all K24. Fitted with a K20 oil pump, ARP head studs and 50-degree VTC, the refreshed 2.4L has no problem producing power above 8,000 rpm, in particular with its Toda cams and valve train in service. Moe added a titanium intake and Skunk2 manifold up front, and a DTR header on the hot side. He sized his exhaust system using a K-Teller piping kit and incorporated a Vibrant resonator and Burns Stainless muffler to muzzle some of the exhaust noise.

Cut the rope

Rather than sourcing the proper fuse boxes and associated wiring, Moe decided to keep things simple and useful and opted for Rywire’s solid-state fuseless PDM system. With 14 channels available to activate the basics, like fuel pump, starter, headlights, etc., the mass of wiring you’re used to seeing is non-existent. In an environment where conveniences are not on the menu, the simplicity and serviceability of Rywire’s PDM keeps things remarkably tidy and easy to install. Ultimately, on the test bench, a solid 252 Whp and 188 lb-ft. of torque was dropped with Hondata’s KPro V4 pulling the strings.

Moe broke away from traditional fuses and awkward wiring, but ensured it could capture and display vital engine components. “It’s all linked via CAN. It’s very cool and easy to track vehicle data with everything showing on my AIM MXP dashboard,” adds Moe. Much of that missing interior that featured in the car’s ridiculously low price was never replaced. In the rear, a four-point roll bar with additional gussets was welded in place before Moe’s paint job was applied. Up front, the dash and center console are pretty much the only reintroduced OEM elements. Bride bucket seats replace the less-than-stellar factory versions with a Mugen suede steering wheel on board. Hybrid Racing’s V3 shifter kit and racing cables have their way with the RSX Type S drivetrain and those missing door cards aren’t missing at all, that gap now filled by LRB aluminum panels.

A small investment of $200 turned into the lesson of a lifetime for a builder wanting to add automotive skills to his resume. “All of my friends who I call family who I named on my shout out list (below) really pitched in and helped with the build. I was able to produce this vehicle straight out of my garage with my own hands and my knowledge.. No shop has touched this vehicle other than fabulous work with the cage, exhaust work and tuning!”

1996 Honda Civic Coupe DX

Engine K24A Swap, K20A Oil Pump, 50 VTC Cam Gear; ARP head studs; Unit2 baffled oil pan; Hasport EKK2 mounts; Cams, valve springs, retainers Toda High Power K20A; Skunk2 Ultra Street Intake Manifold; DTR K-swap header; STL Fab 3.5 inch. titanium intake; K-Teller 3 in. stainless steel exhaust pipe; Burns stainless steel racing silencer; Ultra-quiet Vibrant Performance resonator, -16 AN lines; concealed ChaseBays radiator; 1050X Dynamic Midspan; AEM 320lph fuel pump; Hybrid Racing fuel rail, return -6 AN; Radium fuel pressure regulator; Management Hondata KPro V4

Transmission RSX S-type gearbox; KAAZ limited slip; Competition Clutch 6 pucks, ultra-lightweight flywheel; Hybrid Racing V3 shifter, Race Cables

Suspension Riaction USA coilovers; 24mm ASR stabilizer bar, subframe brace, D-brackets; Truhart bushings, fore/aft adjustable arms; ASC Speed ​​Metal 3 points. shock tower bar; Kirk 4 points. welded roll bar with additional bellows

Braking ITR conversion 5 lugs 32 mm; APG Performance 6-piston calipers, pads, lines

Wheels and tires 16×8 +35 Desmond Regamaster; 215/45 Falken Azenis RT660

Outside White taffeta paint; Exceed the front/rear lip of Japan; Mugen Ferio rear wing; Veil side hood; Racing side mirrors; Thin side moldings EK9

Interior Bride Zeta III XL seats; Renegade x Willans 6 points. harness; ASR harness retractors; Mugen 3 suede steering wheel; Checkerd Sports Center; the FEEL gear lever knob; AIM MXP digital dashboard; reversing camera; LRB door panels; Military spec Rywire harness; PDM 12 Chassis Harness, Charging Harness

Thanks Premium Garage Krew PGKALLDAY! Papaya Motorsports, Hybrid Racing, Riaction USA, Falken Tire, Deft Motion, Rywire Motorsport Electronics, Import Alliance, Exceed Japan, ChaseBays, ShowstoppersUSA, Renegade Motorsports, EBTEC, Smithson Speed ​​And Engineering, Freedom Automotive

Current taxes, networking lunch and more: short news (June 19, 2022) Sun, 19 Jun 2022 10:00:30 +0000 HISTORICAL TRIANGLE – Find out about important news and brief notes in and around the Historical Triangle.

LeadingAge Virginia, an association of non-profit aging service providers in Virginia, recently announced that Gregory Storer would become the association’s next board of directors President on July 1. Storer is the current Vice Chairman of the Board and is also President and Chief Executive Officer of Williamsburg Landing community life project. Storer joined LeadingAge Virginia’s board of directors in 2018 and served as co-chair of its middle market firm from 2019 to 2020; the firm produced the association’s Middle Market Playbook, which serves as a model for serving middle-income seniors. LeadingAge Virginia serves residents and clients across the continuum of elder care, including living plan/continuing care communities, senior housing, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, nursing homes, adult day care and home and community services. For more information, visit

The York County Treasurer’s Office reminds residents that all taxes are due June 25. Payments will be accepted until Monday, June 27 and taken into account on time. As of Tuesday, June 28, a late penalty of 2% will be incurred. For property tax, the 2% penalty has been extended until September 30, deferring the increase to 10% until after that date.

The two James City County DMV Select offices located at the Treasurer’s Office (101-B Mounts Bay Road) and the Satellite Services Office (3127 Forge Road) will open at 10 a.m. on June 22. The delayed opening is necessary so that staff can perform a semi-annual audit of all inventory. The Treasurer’s Office and Satellite Services Office are unaffected and will open to the public at 8 a.m. to process all county transactions. For more information, visit or call 757-253-6705

Neighborhoods invited to join the police for a national evening

Neighborhoods in James City County are invited to join forces with police and thousands of communities nationwide on August 2 for the annual National Night. National Night Out raises awareness of crime and drug prevention; generates support for local crime fighting efforts; strengthens neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships; and sends a message to criminals that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back. During the evening, residents across the county are encouraged to lock their doors, turn on porch lights, and spend the evening outdoors with neighbors and police. Many neighborhoods host block parties, barbecues, and tours of the county police and McGruff the Crime Dog. To arrange for county officers to attend a community event, contact Senior Police Officer Shenee Graham at 757-603-6025 or email or Senior Police Officer Brandon Frantz at 757-603-6023 or email brandon by July 8. For more information on National Night Out, visit the National Association of Town Watch at

ASPIRE Young Professionals Networking Luncheon at Yaca

ASPIRE Young Professionals Host a Networking Luncheon at Le Yaca French Restaurant Tuesday, June 28 at noon. Young professionals ages 21-39 are invited to join lunch for good food and good conversation. Tickets are $15, which covers the cost of lunch and tip. There are only 16 places available for the event and participants must register in advance.

JCC Housing Office to Host 2022 Rental Show

The James City County Housing Office will host a 2022 Rental Fair on June 27 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the JCC Recreation Center at 5301 Longhill Road. The event is aimed at landlords and tenants and will provide information on resources and services available to meet housing needs, including rent, utilities, employment, education and support. legal.

The Fair will include information on:

  • Fair Housing
  • Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on tenants
  • Rental laws for landlords and tenants
  • Connecting tenants to housing resources

Pre-registration is encouraged, but not required. For more information, call JCC Housing at 757-259-5340.

Jack Grealish has his chance, Trent Alexander-Arnold starts, Harry Maguire and Raheem Sterling are down Wed, 15 Jun 2022 13:26:39 +0000

Gareth Southgate is under fire with England looking in dire straits ahead of this year’s World Cup – and it’s clear something has to change.

The 51-year-old led the Three Lions to a World Cup semi-final in 2018 and the Euro 2020 final, but their dismal start to the Nations League has left fans wondering if he is the man who will lead England in Qatar 2022. .


Southgate’s tactics were questioned throughout the tournament

Southgate's negative tactics and defensive style have led fans to demand big changes to the England squad


Southgate’s negative tactics and defensive style have led fans to demand big changes to the England squad

The World Cup is only six months away, with England having just two games left to play as they prepare for the tournament.

Some think the calls for Gareth Southgate to head are overblown, including talkSPORT’s Jason Cundy, who said people needed to ‘calm down’ after the 4-0 defeat to Hungary where home fans booed the boss after the final whistle.

“Don’t get too excited when we have ten good days, and don’t let that affect you the other way when ten days have been bad.” Cundy explained on Sports Bar.

“Calm down everyone, calm down! »

Meanwhile, Cundy co-host Jamie O’Hara disagreed, saying England’s run in the Nations League – in which they won just two points and scored one goal in four games – was ‘the beginning of the end’ for Southgate.

Whichever side of the fence you stand on, it’s hard not to agree that the Three Lions bear no resemblance to attacking prowess in their performances under the former England international these last time.

England have been outspoken in attack, with Kane scoring his only goal of the tournament so far against Germany.


England have been outspoken in attack, with Kane scoring his only goal of the tournament so far against Germany.

So what team does Southgate need to put in place to respond to claims he is ‘too negative’ and ease the mounting pressure on him?

Here’s the attacking starting XI England fans are clamoring for at the 2022 World Cup…

When selecting an attack-focused England formation, it would be best if Southgate opted for a back-three with full-backs to allow more freedom to speed up the pitch.

England have an abundance of options in the full-back/full-back positions, but an obvious choice would be Trent Alexander-Arnold, with the defender becoming an assist king for Liverpool.

Those vying for Reece James shouldn’t be disappointed, however, as the Chelsea man could line up on the right side of this back-three – as cover for when Alexander-Arnold bombs forward – with his club teammate Ben Chilwell as a left-back, having performed superbly there for the Blues.

Alexander-Arnold is one of the Premier League's most prolific goal-scorers


Alexander-Arnold is one of the Premier League’s most prolific goal-scorers

Chilwell and James were Chelsea's top scorers at one point last season


Chilwell and James were Chelsea’s top scorers at one point last season

The defensive line ahead of Jordan Pickford would be completed by John Stones and Eric Dier, who finished the season in fine form for Tottenham with their renewed confidence in the same system under Antonio Conte.

AC Milan defender Fikayo Tomori shone in his first start for England in the draw with Italy, but after keeping Gianluca Scamacca at bay he could therefore challenge them for a place after his title-winning season in Italy.

He also has the ability to score – as he showed against Liverpool in the Champions League last season.

In the middle of the park, it looks like Southgate would benefit from dropping one of their duos, with Kalvin Phillips giving up for Rolls-Royce midfielder Jude Bellingham.

The Borussia Dortmund star would play alongside Declan Rice.

Mason Mount would be another option to maintain that balance in attack and defence, with England sometimes being too pragmatic in big games.

Playing Rice and Bellingham would give England balance in the center of the park


Playing Rice and Bellingham would give England balance in the center of the park

Forward positions are another area where Southgate is spoiled for choice – which has sometimes proven to their detriment with too many combinations to choose from.

Fans are clamoring for Jack Grealish to start more regularly, however, after a number of game-changing animated cameos off the bench.

Although he didn’t fully seize the opportunity when he started against Italy last weekend, the City star has proven he can light up even the most dreadful games as he does. did when he came on as a substitute against Germany.

With the £100million man left, Phil Foden could then line up on the opposite wing in place of Man City team-mate Raheem Sterling, with Foden hailed as one of the future superstars and key men from England.

Grealish could provide England with the exciting attacking style fans want


Grealish could provide England with the exciting attacking style fans want

Foden is one of the brightest stars in English football, and his club connection with Grealish could be a big bonus for England at the World Cup


Foden is one of the brightest stars in English football, and his club connection with Grealish could be a big bonus for England at the World Cup

Alexander-Arnold’s ability to charge forward down the right wing would also allow Foden to drift into a more central pocket, where City star and favorite Pep Guardiola can do serious damage.

At the top, unsurprisingly, Kane must be in the lead.

Not only because of his firepower and proven goalscoring record for his country, but, given that he is also the captain, England will need his leadership abilities on the pitch as they seek to win the biggest prize in international football and end 56 years of injury.

How England could view the 2022 World Cup

England's starting XI calls for an overhaul

England’s starting XI calls for an overhaul

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Racing Tips: Andrew Mount’s Tuesday Picks, June 14 Mon, 13 Jun 2022 19:12:22 +0000

Senior racing adviser Andrew Mount’s is a contributor to Racing Post, Racing Post Weekender, Racing & Football Outlook, the website and a regular pundit on William Hill radio. Andrew uses statistics and systems to find value bets and shares his final thoughts below…

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RAMBUSO CREEK (system – Kevin Ryan 3 years old, first run after wind surgery)

RAMBUSO CREEK was well supported (9-4 co-favourite) before its reappearance at Pontefract in April but could only finish fifth out of ten runners. He was caught, came from further than ideal and the subsequent wind operation suggests he did not complete his run as expected that day. Kevin Ryan is seven out of 35 with three-year-olds returning from wind surgery for a profit of £9.63, those who started 9-1 or less last time out have landed six of their 19 starts (+ £17.63). He could do better this time.


RUN FORREST RUN (system – seasonal pattern)

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Bay Area Weekend: “Ragtime,” “Cats,” Celebrating “Ulysses” Thu, 02 Jun 2022 13:00:32 +0000

The Bay Area is packed with plenty of great in-person shows this weekend, with some intriguing old classics returning to the stage. Here is a partial overview.

Be sure to check the show or venue’s website for COVID safety precautions before going to a show.

“Ragtime” returns

Every time someone puts on a production of “Ragtime,” it’s a big deal. The musical is an adaptation of EL Doctorow’s historical novel that captures a changing America at the turn of the 20th century, with a book by acclaimed playwright Terrence McNally and music and lyrics by the team of composers Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens. The story follows an African American family, an immigrant Jewish family, and a white suburban family as their lives intersect. A variety of historical figures, from illusionist Harry Houdini to author and intellectual Booker T. Washington to anarchist Emma Goldman, are thrown into the mix for good measure.

Twenty years ago, Robert Kelley, then artistic director of TheatreWorks Silicon Valley, directed an acclaimed production of the show (just a few years after its Broadway debut). And now Kelley, who has since stepped down as AD, returns to lead a new version of the musical opener this week. Apparently, the production and cast were somewhat compacted for this production, but you wouldn’t know that from the A-list actors reunited for the show. Broadway performers Leo Ash Evans, Christine Dwyer, Nkrumah Gatling and Suzanne Grodner are among the cast, as are Bay Area favorites Michael Gene Sullivan and Keith Pinto. And although the action takes place more than a century ago, the themes of the musical – racism, hatred of immigrants, the piercing chasm between rich and poor – are more relevant than ever.

Details: In preview until Friday; the main race is June 4-26; Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts; $25 to $90;

3 other theatrical classics take the stage

Here are three more shows Bay Area theater fans should know about.

“Cats”: Andrew Lloyd Webber’s iconic 1981 musical about TS Eliot’s collection of poems, ‘Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’, was reportedly viewed by over 75 million people. The tour version performed at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Theater for a short duration features new direction and the show’s original choreography. Details: Until June 5; $56 to $174 (subject to change);

Romelo Urbi stars in “Little Shop of Horrors”. (Berkeley Playhouse)

“Little Shop of Horrors”: The darkly comical story centered on a plant that ruthlessly devours human flesh and blood has spawned two blockbuster films as well as a musical that is currently playing at the Berkeley Playhouse. Details: Until July 3; Julia Morgan Theater, Berkeley; $29 to $44 (subject to change);

“Man of the Channel”: San Jose Playhouse brings to life the 1965 classic by Dale Wasserman (book), Mitch Leigh (music) and Joe Darion (lyrics), adapted from the famous Miguel de Cervantes novel “Don Quixote”. The musical features one of the most beloved showtunes of all time, “The Impossible Dream.” Details: In today’s and Friday’s previews, the main race is Saturday through June 26; 3Below Theaters and Lounge, San Jose; Previews $25, main series $45-$55;

— Randy McMullen, staff member

Classic Picks: The Don Returns; Bates is back

A revival of Mozart’s opera and a new work by Mason Bates complete the week’s classic offering. Here is an overview.

San Francisco Opera: Get ready for dark deeds and desperate love, heart-pounding music and big emotions, and – dare we say it? vengeance – when the San Francisco Opera’s new production of “Don Giovanni” opens, kicking off the summer season. The production marks the latest installment in a multi-year exploration of Mozart’s Da Ponte operas, which began with Michael Cavanagh’s acclaimed productions of ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ and ‘Cosi fan tutte’. Cavanagh returns to lead a cast led by Canadian baritone Etienne Dupuis in the title role, with Luca Pisaroni as Leporello, Romanian soprano Adela Zaharia as Donna Anna and Nicole Car, replacing the originally scheduled Carmen Giannattasio , as Donna Elvira. Details: June 4-July 2; War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco; $26 to $398;

New Bates Concerto: Featuring Daniil Trifonov as soloist, the West Coast premiere of Mason Bates’ Piano Concerto highlights performances by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra this weekend. Ruth Reinhardt conducts the orchestra in this symphonic co-commission; the program also includes Lotta Wennäkoski’s “Helsinki Variations” and Dvorak’s Symphony No. 5. Details: 2 p.m. today and Sunday; 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday; Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco;

The left rib plays Berio: Titled “Myth and Memory”, Luciano Berio’s 1964 song cycle is based on folk songs ranging from “Black is the hair color of my true love” to “Azerbaijan’s love song”. This weekend, the Left Coast Chamber Ensemble presents the work in “Myth and Memory: Berio Folk Songs with New Companions”, combining the Italian composer’s cycle with works commissioned by Chris Castro, Seong Ae Kim, Hiroya Miura, Linda Catlin Smith and Ingrid Stoelzel. Soloists include soprano Nikki Einfeld. Details: 7:30 p.m. June 5 at Mills College, Oakland, 7:30 p.m. June 6 at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music; $30 to $35 general; students $10-$20;

—Georgia Rowe, correspondent

Dance Choice: “Sleeping Beauty”, plus

Here are three productions Bay Area dance fans should know about.

San Jose Dance Theater principal dancers Mariana Zschoerper and Augusto Cesa perform in “Sleeping Beauty.” (San José Dance Theater)

“Sleeping Beauty”: San Jose Dance Theater’s new Artistic Director, Mark Foehringer, rose to prominence early on with his new company, as choreographer and director of the company’s revival of this famous ballet, set to Tchaikovsky’s classical score. The production at San Jose’s Hammer Theater Center this weekend includes a full-length version as well as an hour-long edition for parents with young children. Details: The full version is 7:30 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday ($50-$60), the kid-friendly version is 11 a.m. Saturday ($15);

The “laboratory” of Diablo Ballet: Diablo Ballet has established a dance lab program designed to give local choreographers the space and resources to create new work. Dance fans can see some of the fruits of the project when the Lab’s first corps of choreographers – Milissa Payne Bradley, Marika Brussel, Diablo Ballet dancer Amanda Farris and Nol Simonse – present works in progress on Sunday. Details: 2 and 4 p.m., Diablo Ballet Studio Theatre, Pleasant Hill; $20;

“Flamenco Intimo”: Choreographer and director Siudy Garrido has won accolades for her contemporary take on the more than 200-year-old art of flamenco. On Sunday, she brings her dance company, Siudy Garrido Flamenco Company, to San Francisco to perform her latest work, “Flamenco Intimo,” with live music and singers. Details: 6 p.m.; Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco; $55 to $95;

— Randy McMullen, staff member

Happy birthday, ‘Ulysses’

It was on February 2, 1922, on the occasion of the 40th birthday of author James Joyce, that his novel “Ulysses” was officially published (it had already appeared as a serial in the literary journal The Little Review between 1918 and 1920). With its stream-of-consciousness prose, sharp humor, and liberal use of literary devices, the book is to this day considered a masterpiece of modernist literature. Although “Ulysses” is celebrated each year with events and gatherings on June 16, the date the novel is set, this year’s centenary has inspired more ambitious celebrations. In the Bay Area, for example, Joyce fans are invited to participate in Bloomsbay, a month-long series of events named after the novel’s protagonist, Leopold Bloom, orchestrated by the Consulate General of Ireland, San Francisco Public Library, Mechanics Institute, Irish Culture Bay Area, United Irish Cultural Center and Irish Studies Prgram at UC Berkeley.

A mix of streaming and in-person events, Bloomsbay will serve up everything from an exhibition of books inspired by “Ulysses” at the main branch of the SF Public Library (Wednesday through June 30); several discussions and presentations centered on Joyce and his masterpiece; a screening of the documentary ‘Shalom Ireland’ and a follow-up discussion on the Jewish community in Ireland and its impact on the novel (Sunday); a performance of a song cycle inspired by “Ulysses” conducted by Golden Globe-nominated composer Brian Byrne at the Feinstein nightclub in San Francisco (June 14); a virtual presentation by Daniel Mulhall, Irish Ambassador to the United States, on his book “Ulysses: A Reader’s Guide” (June 17) and much more. Organizers point out that the events are designed to appeal to Joyce worshipers as well as first-timers. You can find the full list of events at

– Bay Area News Foundation

Summer fun at BAMPFA

The Berkeley Museum of Art and the Pacific Film Archive have unveiled a sizzle of a summer program that shines a light on world cinema of today and yesterday and also throws in some indelible classics.

The season begins with “The films of Marta Meszaros” from Friday to July 20. Now 90, the Budapest-born director/screenwriter has been a creative force since her feature debut, 1968’s fiery ‘The Girl’. Fittingly, it’s the first of 11 films to screen and rewards audiences with the presence of a distinctive female anti-hero – played by singer Kati Kovacs – a rebel who decides to dig up her family roots. It projects at 7 p.m. Friday. The series also serves up 1969’s “Binding Sentiments,” about a strained relationship between a widow, her son, and his girlfriend (7 p.m. Sunday); and 1973’s spiky look at the divide between haves and have-nots, “Riddance,” which follows a textile worker who poses as a college student once she falls in love with an upper-class student (19 a.m. June 15).

There’s also a treasure trove of gems to watch, including Jean Vigo’s 1934 romance “L’Atlante” (7pm Saturday), considered by some to be a French masterpiece; and Charlie Chaplin’s 1925 classic “The Gold Rush,” which will not only play at the Barbro Osher Theater (2:00 p.m. June 25) but also outside (August 4).

Details: Most screenings $10 to $14; complete program and more information on

—Randy Myers, Bay Area News Foundation

Ground searches underway or planned at most former residential school sites in Manitoba Sun, 29 May 2022 11:00:00 +0000

Members of the Sandy Bay First Nation community watch a team from the University of Manitoba search the grounds near the former Sandy Bay residential school. (Submitted by Linda Larcombe – image credit)

WARNING: This story contains disturbing details.

A year after the discovery of what are believed to be 215 unmarked graves at the former Kamloops residential school, First Nations across the country continue to excavate the grounds of the residential schools where children from their communities went.

This includes ongoing ground searches at many of Manitoba’s 14 residential school sites.

After last May’s discovery in Kamloops, survivors of Sandy Bay First Nation, on the western shore of Lake Manitoba, held a four-day vigil at the community’s elders center and lit a sacred fire.

“Throughout these four days, the elders shared stories of their time at the residential school they had in our community,” said Sandy Bay Coun. Randall Roulette.

“The possibility of unmarked graves has become part of the discussion,” he said. “The general consensus was that they wanted to do a ground search.”

The community met with Linda Larcombe, from the Department of Anthropology at the University of Manitoba.

“Survivors and elders had stories of missing children and the fact that there might be graves in what they call the garden,” said Larcombe, whose team focused their research on the elders of the area identified as “the garden”.

“When the boarding school was occupied, this area had been used as an orchard and garden, and there was this cave area which was used, I assume, for prayer and reflection.”

Roulette says that at the vigil held last May, elders shared stories from that same garden.

Submitted by Linda Larcombe

Submitted by Linda Larcombe

“They weren’t allowed in. [the garden].… If they did, being children trying to enter this garden, they would be punished,” he said.

“They started putting two and two together and thinking maybe there was another reason they weren’t allowed in that area.”

Larcombe said that using drone imagery, ground-penetrating radar and information from the community, 13 potential unmarked graves were located.

Of the 13 sites, four have a moderate probability of being an unmarked grave, and the other nine have a low probability, she said.

The community received the results of the field research earlier this month and has not yet decided on the next steps.

Roulette said those hardest hit were seniors with memories of school.

“When [the data] was introduced to them, a lot of them right now, I don’t think they’ve really digested the reality of what might be true,” he said.

“There seems to be a desire or a desire to get more definitive answers.”

Roulette says he knows of at least 12 communities where the children who attended the Sandy Bay boarding school came from.

The next step for his community is to create a group to work with all communities affected by the harmful legacy of the school.

Research underway in Manitoba

Research is also underway in Manitoba at Cross Lake Boarding School at Cross Lake, Fort Alexander Boarding School in Sagkeeng First Nation, Pine Creek Boarding School in Camperville and at the Brandon Boarding School.

Angela McKay/Pine Creek First Nation

Angela McKay/Pine Creek First Nation

A search was also launched at McKay Boarding School in Dolphin.

McKay Boarding School (sometimes spelled as MacKay Boarding School) had two slots: the one in Dauphin, which opened in 1957 and closed in 1969, and the one near The Pas and the Opaskwayak Cree Nation on Fisher Island, which operated from 1914 to 1933.

Last fall, the Opaskwayak Cree Nation also began ground research at the McKay site on Fisher Island. SNC Lavalin did the research pro bono for the community.

Each day of the search, which is expected to resume in June and run through the summer, begins with a ceremony, OCN Coun said. Edwin Jebb.

“We smudge the equipment and then we have a pipe ceremony to do before the dig and after the dig,” he said.

The community says that so far no unmarked graves have been found, which Jebb says is “a little relieved”, but only a fraction of the old school grounds have been excavated so far. here.

Manitoba Historical Society

Manitoba Historical Society

Opaskwayak also plans to begin field research of the Guy Hill residential school site in The Pas.

Jebb said it was planned to meet with survivors in late July “and talk about what kind of research we would have…if there are any stories we can flesh out, if anyone knows anything.

“It’s to bring peace of mind to people and do the ceremony.”

Norway House Cree Nation also plans to begin field research this summer at two sites: Norway House Residential School in Rossville and Notre Dame Home in Norway House.

No research in progress on certain sites

The building that housed the Portage la Prairie residential school sits on what is now Long Plain First Nation reserve land.

In the past, the community regularly conducted ground research before building on the land.

Radio Canada

Radio Canada

While there are areas near the school the community plans to investigate, they are waiting to see how other ground searches go, said Long Plain First Nation Lands Manager Adam Myran. .

“We are very interested in what is happening in Six Nations” in Ontario, he said, where police are now involved in an investigation into the deaths at the Mohawk Institute boarding school.

“They treat their [search] like a crime scene.”

Children from more than 20 communities were sent to the Portage la Prairie boarding school before it closed in 1975, so Myran wants to make sure those communities have a say in how any future searches for the grounds are conducted.

“Even though we have it on our land, so to speak, the school belongs to each nation that has sent children there, so things will be decided by a committee,” he said.

There is also currently no ground research at Churchill Boarding School, which was demolished in 1981, or Elkhorn Boarding School, which was demolished in 1951.

In 1990, former students and staff of the Elkhorn boarding school held a meeting and erected white crosses in the nearby cemetery, where several children forced to attend school were buried.

After the discovery of Kamloops, the Assiniboia Residential School Legacy Group, made up of survivors who attended this Winnipeg school, held a ceremony to bless the grounds around the building. This site now houses the Canadian Center for Child Protection.

This is where the group decided there was no need to search the ground around the school.

“There were never any words that I remember, or other students [recall]or even…stories about everything that went wrong, or about students being buried or taken away,” said Mabel Horton, who attended the school for six years, until she was 12.

Great Plains Publications

Great Plains Publications

It is unclear if a search of the Birtle boarding school in this southwestern Manitoba community will be conducted.

Last year the owner of the property said he was ready to sell it.

Support is available to anyone affected by their residential school experience or recent reports.

A National Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line has been established to provide support to former students and those affected. People can access emotional and crisis referral services by calling the 24-hour national crisis hotline: 1-866-925-4419.

Meet Eric Pignataro * The Racing Biz Fri, 27 May 2022 20:23:35 +0000
Jockey agent Eric Pignataro in his native habitat: checking the state card at Delaware Park. Photo by Mike Valiant.

When I was in high school, the teachers gave us a job aptitude test every year to guide us in choosing the most suitable job based on our personality and intellect. The answers would suggest that there were various professions that suited us best: banker, firefighter, plumber, nurse, standard jobs that ordinary people do.

And then there is Eric Pignataro.

Pignataro, 33, is a former jai alai player who is in his second year as the jockeys’ agent. Fittingly, the young agent is representing two young jockeys at Delaware Park this year, Joseph Trejos and Skyler Spanabel.

Jai alai is “a sport involving a ball bouncing off an enclosed space by accelerating it to high speeds with a hand-held device” called a cesta, according to Wikipedia, and Eric has spent much of his life in a racetrack town which was once a town in jai alai, Tampa, FL. While Damon Runyon characters are more common on the track than elsewhere, I have to say that a jai alai player turned agent jockey is a combination I’ve never seen before.

More Out of the Rhythm

Sunday Silence

In a new ‘Off the Pace’: Mike Valiante recalls four editions of the Preakness where the last quarter mile was absolutely thrilling.

Pignataro’s entry into jai alai was pretty much by accident, he said.

“I was watching jai alai on a TV on a track and a random stranger saw my interest and gave me a cesta he had in his car,” Pignataro recalled. “I bought a ball, went to a racquetball court and was hooked. I played on and off for five years and loved it.

The sport, once popular throughout Florida and the Northeast, is slowly dying in the United States, beset by many of the same challenges as running. Lack of economic opportunity in jai alai due to decline in gambling ended Pignataro’s jai alai career.

He always dreamed of getting a job in racing, and was introduced to the idea of ​​being an agent by a friend who had been in the profession. During the 2020-2021 racing season, Eric was able to observe Steve Worsley and fellow agents John Weilbacher and Jose Garcia at Tampa Bay Downs.

He learned how they worked on a condition book and their phones to select and hook their clients with mounts. He saw how to sell a rider to a new jockey.

It is still in the learning stage, he said. And given his experience at jai alai, it is not surprising that one of the questions he asks himself is: “Can I earn a living in this job, especially since it requires moving a few times a year?

This is made even harder in the post-Covid environment, but not really.

real risk

Before Rachel Alexandra and Swiss Skydiver won the Preakness, these four fillies had a major impact on the Middle Jewel without winning it.

“The biggest challenge for me has been going from what I did as a bettor, handicapping a horse race, to now looking at a condition book and predicting which horses are going to be entered,” he said. he declares. “I think the two biggest skill sets to being a successful agent are knowing the spec and being able to sell your clients to trainers and owners.”

It’s certainly not the glamor that’s holding Pignataro back. Like most racetrack jobs, being an agent involves early mornings, long days, and little downtime.

“There are no weekends off in this job,” he said. “I visit the barns 6 or 7 days a week. I prefer to drive my jocks to their rides out of town. It gives them a chance to rest and gives me extra time to build a spirit of friendship with my clients.

Like him, his clients try to climb the ladder. Spanabel arrived in Delaware after a productive meeting at Tampa Bay Downs, in which she won 22 races, while Trejos hopes to regain his 2020 form, when as a trainee he won 59 times.

In the first two days of the Delaware meet, Trejos was 0-for-5 while Spanabel was 0-for-3. Pignataro thinks each offers trainers significant strengths.

“Skyler is an excellent rider and particularly good at relaxing her horses,” he explained. “Joe is an extremely hard worker and a good finisher with horses on the stretch.”

Pignataro is aware that the same economic factors that ended his career in jai alai – which, like racing, is a form of pari-mutuel betting – could ultimately come into play with his foray into the world of jockey agents.

While there are few sure things in this life, there is one sure bet you can make: If you see Eric Pignataro at Delaware Park this year, you can bet he’ll have a health record on his hip. .

Cornwall Development Applications: Week Ending May 22 | Part 3 Tue, 24 May 2022 12:40:02 +0000

Various development applications have been validated by Cornwall Council and the associated documents can be viewed online on the Council’s website planning portal.

You can search for planning applications, decisions, appeals and executions by keyword, application reference, postal code or by a single line of address.

There were a lot of nominations, so the list was split into three separate items.

Part Three planning applications validated week during the week starting Monday, May 16, can be found below:

  • 25 Henley Crescent, Mount Hawke, Cornwall TR4 8DN: Two storey addition to side.
  • 12 North Parade, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 2TD: Pre-application advice for first floor extension to existing dwelling.
  • Garages to rear of An Penty Wheal Ayr Cottage, Wheal Ayr Court, St Ives, Cornwall TR26 1EQ: Pre-application advice for building accommodation.
  • 48 Collins Park, Stithians, Cornwall TR3 7RB: Single storey side extension.
  • Pentire (Plot 2) Dobbin Lane, Trevone, Padstow, Cornwall PL28 8QP: Modification of conditions 1 (approved plans) and 3 of PA20/03949 concerning the application of reserved materials following the approval of assembly PA17/08592 (access , appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) without compliance with conditions 1, 2 and 4 of decision PA20/09170.
  • Southmoor, Whitstone, Holsworthy, Cornwall EX22 6TD: To determine if planning permission is required for a general purpose farm building.
  • Field near Barrows, Whitstone, Holsworthy, Cornwall: To determine if planning permission is required for a general purpose farm building.
  • Chacewater Village Hall, Church Hill, Chacewater, Cornwall TR4 8PZ: Tree work in a conservation area.
  • 6 Halvarras Road, Playing Place, Cornwall TR3 6HD: Conversion of part of the garage to form a bedroom with en-suite, replacing the external steps with a side extension housing a new staircase. Rear extension and balcony construction.
  • The Cottage, Penquite Farm, Trerulefoot, Saltash, Cornwall PL12 5BN: Demolition and reconstruction of a previously approved barn (under application PA21/05979: Conversion of an existing building, previously used as accommodation, for residential purposes for include front and rear extension).
  • Rayle Farm, Bridge Hill, Bridge, Cornwall TR16 4QP: Extension of an existing dwelling.
  • Land northeast of Vounder Close, St Ives, Cornwall TR26 1FH: Legal development certificate for six dwellings.
  • 24 Kings Avenue, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 2QJ: Legal Development Certificate for alteration of hipped roof as part of permitted development to form side gable and rear dormer (change from Decision PA21/09241) .
  • Penrose View, Porthleven Road, Helston, Cornwall TR13 0RA: Use of holiday accommodation as accommodation without restriction.
  • Redruth Library, 2 to 4 Clinton Road, Redruth, Cornwall TR15 2QE: Pre-application advice for the redevelopment of the former library building into a mixed-use educational and theatrical development space.

  • Plot Y3, Bickland Business Center Access Road, Tregoniggie Industrial Estate, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 4SN: Summary request for proposed retail/storage units with all questions reserved.
  • Sun View, 1 Eastcliff Avenue, Eastcliff, Porthtowan, Cornwall TR4 8AL: Legal Development Certificate for Accessory and Accessory Use as C3 Dwelling.
  • 17 St Georges Road, Truro, Cornwall TR1 3JD: Pre-application advice for alterations and extensions to a Grade II listed building.
  • 13 Roselidden Park, Helston, Cornwall TR13 8UH: Rear dwelling extension and new bay window to front elevation (revised drawing from PA19/11081).
  • Land north of The Yard, Lostwithiel, Cornwall PL22 0FD: Demolition of an old industrial building and construction of a new building to create four houses and four apartments with associated parking.
  • Mariners Friend, Hawkers Cove, Padstow, Cornwall PL28 8HR: Construction of replacement dwelling and garage for coastal retreat, plus alterations and change of use of existing dwelling to annex and boathouse and demolition of the existing annex.
  • Wellspring Cottage, Higher Tremar, Liskeard, Cornwall PL14 5HP: Construction of a two storey extension to create a kitchen/diner and pantry on the ground floor and a larger bedroom on the first floor.
  • Millers House, Cotehele Mill, St Dominick, Callington, Cornwall PL17 8BY: Classified Building Permission for the renovation of Mill Cottage and Miller’s Cottage to return to a single holiday rental.
  • Greystones, Rooke Road, Chapel Amble, Wadebridge, Cornwall PL27 6EU: Demolition of existing porch and construction of new replacement.
  • Rejerrah Farm Yard, Rejerrah, Cornwall TR8 5QD: Construction of a two storey private dwelling with full disability features and carer accommodation available.
  • Ilow An Mor, West Wharf, Mevagissey, Cornwall PL26 6UJ: Exterior stairs replaced and extended, historic door restored and new window fitted to third floor side elevation.
  • Ilow An Mor, West Wharf, Mevagissey Cornwall PL26 6UJ: Listed building permission for replacement and extension of exterior stairs, historic doorway restored and new window fitted to third floor side elevation.
  • Chypraze, Quenchwell Road, Carnon Downs, Cornwall TR3 6LN: Converting the integral garage into a living space with an extension to the first floor to form an additional bedroom with balcony to the west and new slate hanging from the front and side elevations of the first floor stage.
    Construction of a new detached double garage with removal of the existing storage unit and replacement with a detached and autonomous annex without respecting condition 2 of decision PA21/09426.
  • Land northeast of Rowntrees, Lower Molinnis, Molinnis, Bugle, Cornwall PL26 8QS: General purpose farm building for agricultural storage purposes.
  • Treviskey Vean, Treviskey, Lanner, Redruth, Cornwall TR16 6AT: Ground mounted solar array consisting of 30 double stacked panels in a 15 x 2 row and associated works.
  • Salt Spray, Mounts Road, Porthleven, Cornwall TR13 9EJ: Replacement accommodation.
  • 1 Claremont Terrace, Truro, Cornwall TR1 3AB: Demolition of outbuilding and construction of kitchen extension and single storey utility.
  • Higher Row, Margery Hill, Devonport Hill, Kingsand, Cornwall PL10 1NL: Installation of seven solar panels, positioned in a row, mounted flat on the south facing roof.

  • The Rectory, Altarnun, Launceston, Cornwall PL15 7SJ: Tree work subject to TPO.
  • 4 School Lane, Harrowbarrow, Cornwall PL17 8BS: Single storey rear extension and front porch.
  • Land at Lambourne Lodge, Penhallow, Truro, Cornwall TR4 9LQ: Permission in principle for no more than two detached dwellings.
  • 48 Condurrow Road, Beacon, Camborne, Cornwall TR14 7SR: Demolition of a semi-detached house and creation of an access road leading to the development of five houses.
  • Contec Yard, Bojea Industrial Estate, Trethowel, St Austell, Cornwall PL25 5RJ: Construction of new workshops/offices.
  • Little Norton, Stoke Climsland, Callington, Cornwall PL17 8QF: Lean-to single storey extension to rear of property to provide new kitchen and dining area.
  • Te Kohanga, Newbridge, Cornwall TR3 6BN: Amendment to approved scheme for extension and alterations to the dwelling and conversion of outbuildings. Alterations include alterations to the roof level of the outbuilding and the extension of the roof to enclose the walkway. Changed shape of the front extension.
  • Hendraburnick Farm, Davidstow, Camelford, Cornwall PL32 9SG: general purpose agricultural storage building, together with associated works.
  • 33 Commercial Street, Camborne, Cornwall TR14 8JX: Advertising permission for LED lighting above Pizza King logo.
  • Site adjacent to 11 Penhale View, Cubert, Newquay, Cornwall TR8 5FW: Construction of a detached house.
  • Hawkins, Pentewan Hill, Pentewan, St Austell, Cornwall PL26 6DD: UPVC Cladding and Insulation Installation.
  • Seawall adjacent to Old Kiln Rock Road, Rock, Wadebridge, Cornwall PL27 6LD: Construction of a new seawall in front of the existing one to protect the South West Sewage Pumping Station and adjoining property.
  • Marae Barn, St Germans, Saltash, Cornwall PL12 5PB: Store extension.
  • Orchard Leigh Bridge, Redruth, Cornwall TR16 4QE: Two semi-detached houses.
  • Stable Cottage, Kingswood Road, Gunnislake, Cornwall PL18 9DF: Non-significant change to Decision PA21/05105 to allow change of conservatory roof light to dormer.
  • Carnyorth Industrial Estate, Carnyorth, St Just TR19 7QD: Legal development certificate for 14 residential units (12 holiday units and two living/working units), start of works approved by PA19/10595.
  • Land northwest of Fairview Farm, Pennance Road, Lanner, Redruth, Cornwall TR16 5TF: Conversion and extension of stables into residential accommodation.
Highlights: Panthers 1-5 Lightning in Game 3 of 2022 NHL Playoffs | 05/22/2022 Sun, 22 May 2022 20:36:16 +0000
16:15 2 hours ago

The game is over

The game ends at Amalie Arena, Tampa Bay winning.

16:12 2 hours ago

3P | 2:01

GOAL! Now Steven Stamkos takes advantage of the Panthers’ empty arc and puts in the fifth for Tampa Bay.

16:09 2 hours ago

3P | 3:54

GOAL! The Florida Panthers went all out in front and Tampa Bay dropped to fourth before Nikita Kucherov’s definition without a goaltender.

16:04 2 hours ago

3P | 5:03

Pressure continues from the Panthers looking to get closer to the scoreboard.

15:51 2 hours ago

3P | 10:27

The pressure on the Panthers mounts due to the desperation of losing yet another game.

15:43 3 hours ago

3P | 14:14

Far from those of Tampa Bay who do not want to give up space on the ice for there to be the possibility of a draw.

15:36 3 hours ago

3P | 20:00

The last period begins.

15:17 3 hours ago

Goodbye to the second

The second period ends, a 2-goal advantage for the Tampa Bay team.

15:07 3 hours ago

2P | 4:19

The pressure and good pace from those at Tampa Bay looking to increase the advantage and hold on to the win today continues.

14:58 3 hours ago

2P | 9:37

GOAL! Steven Stamkos scores the third for the Lightning after a good cross shot to thwart the visiting goaltender.

14:57 3 hours ago

Get your head back!

14:49 3 hours ago

2P | 14:09

Those in Tampa Bay are pressing on the ice looking to increase the advantage on the scoreboard.

14:46 4 hours ago

2P | 17:06

GOAL! Cross shot from Erik Cernak who beats the Panthers goaltender and puts the second for Tampa Bay.

14:39 4 hours ago

2P | 20:00

The second period begins.

14:20 4 hours ago

End of the first

The first period ends in a tie at 1 goal for both teams.

14:18 4 hours ago

Lightning struck first!

14:15 4 hours ago

1P | 3:53

GOAL! Shot inside the box Sam Reinhart and Miami tied before the end of the first period.

14:10 4 hours ago

1P | 4:32

After the goal, the Panthers look to press and snatch the puck from their rivals.

14:05 4 hours ago

1P | 6:39

GOAL! Pulled outside the box by Corey Perry who goes into the back of the net and puts Tampa Bay in front, a horrible scenario for the Panthers.

13:56 4 hours ago

1P | 9:41

The Lightning keep the pressure on but the Panthers look to surprise with long shots.

13:46 5 hours ago

1P | 15:42

Strong pressure from Tampa Bay, which seeks to open the scoring as quickly as possible.

13:41 5 hours ago

1P | 20:00

Start the game in the Amalie Arena.

13:30 5 hours ago

Tampa Bay lineup!

13:27 5 hours ago

About to start

We are a few minutes away from the start of the presentation of the game and the previous protocols.

13:19 5 hours ago

Big game

A very important duel for The Panthers looking to keep their hopes of saving the series alive, if they lose tonight the series would go 3-0 in favor of Tampa Bay and Game 4 could be very tough to try to survive.

13:14 5 hours ago

injury report

The losses for this match are as follows:
Flash: Erik Cernak and Brayden Point
Panthers: Carter Berhaeghe and Mason Walk

13:10 5 hours ago

Battle of Florida

13:05 5 hours ago

Last queues!

In the last game, here’s how the two teams lined up:
Panthers: Ryan Lomberg, Eetu Loustarinen, Patric Hornovist, Gustav Forsling, Mackenzie Weegar and Sergei Bobrovsky.
Flash: Ondrej Palat, Nick Paul, Alex Killorn, Ryan McDonagh, Zach Bogosian and Andrei Yasilecskiy.

12:52 PM5 hours ago

Here are the visitors!

12:44 PM6 hours ago

Latest results

This will be the third matchup of the series between the two teams, with the Tampa Bay team coming in with some very important wins on the road and looking to sweep the Eastern Conference favorites. The last results were Lightning wins by score of 4-1 and 2-1.

12:34 6 hours ago

Here we are!

We’re just under an hour away from kicking off the Panthers vs. Lightning game at Amalie Arena. The two quintets will go in search of victory. Who will do it tonight? Follow our coverage on VAVEL.

23:19 19 hours ago

Stay with us to follow this match!

23:14 19 hours ago

Where to watch the game?

We remind you that the match will be broadcast on television by the TNT signal and in streaming via Star+.
If you want to follow it online, VAVEL is your best option.

23:09 19 hours ago

Steven Stamkos, an essential player!

23:04 19 hours ago

How did the Lightning get here?

The Lightning come into this third game between the two teams with a pair of 4-1 and 2-1 home wins, now the Tampa Bay team will be looking for another home win to put the favorites on the line. on the strings of the series and headed to his third straight NHL Finals. The Lightning arrive after eliminating the Toronto Maple Leafs in 7 games and with their tricks going through a big time. Steven Samkos and Victor Hedman lead the team in points, goals and assists so far this season. The team found a very interesting dynamic playing with the same base they had last season, as well as adding good players to the rotation in Brian Elliot and Andrei Vasilevskiy. With a record of 51 wins and 23 losses, they finished the regular season in third place in the Atlantic Division and are looking to return to the NHL Finals, for this the team will be looking to end the series with a sweep and not to allow it. return to Florida.

22:59 19 hours ago

Jonathan Huberdeau, an essential player!

22:54 19 hours ago

How do the Panthers arrive?

The Panthers come into this third game between the two teams with some losses in the first games of the series and at home against Tampa Bay. Before this series, the Panthers managed to qualify in the round by eliminating the Capitals in 6 games with a score of 4 wins for 2. Jonathan Huberdeau and Aleksander Barkov are the team leaders in points, goals and assists so far. now in the series. season. The team found a very interesting dynamic playing with the same base they had last season, in addition to adding good players to the rotation such as Jonas Johansson, Spencer Knight and Sergei Bobrovsky. With a record of 58 wins and 18 losses, they finished the regular season ranked first in the Atlantic Division and are looking to return to the Stanley Cup Grand Finals. For that, the team will look to win the series against the current two-time NHL champion.

22:44 20 hours ago


Good day to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the show Florida Panthers vs. Tampa Bay Lightning game, corresponding to the 2021-2022 NHL playoffs. The game will take place at Amalie Arena, at 1:30 p.m.

German Schroeder quits Rosneft board as backlash grows Fri, 20 May 2022 12:36:00 +0000

BERLIN (AP) — Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is considering quitting the board of Russia’s state-owned energy company Rosneft in reaction to its ties to Russia and its energy sector.

Schroeder, 78, is chairman of the board of Rosneft. Roseneft said on Friday that Schroeder announced “the impossibility of extending his powers to the company’s board of directors.”

The announcement came a day after German lawmakers agreed to strip Schroeder of his taxpayer-funded office and staff.

Schroeder, 78, led Germany from 1998 to 2005. He has become increasingly isolated in recent months due to his work for state-controlled Russian energy companies.

In addition to Rosneft work, he has been involved in the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline projects.

Weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine, Russian state gas company Gazprom said Schroeder had been nominated to join its board. The appointment was due to be voted on at Gazprom’s annual general meeting next month.

Earlier this year, several office workers quit and Schroeder faced a fresh wave of outrage from former political allies after the New York Times quoted him as saying that a massacre in Bucha, outside the Ukrainian capital, “must be investigated,” but he did not think the orders to kill Ukrainian civilians would have come from Russian President Vladimir Putin, a longtime friend.


Follow all AP stories on Russia’s war on Ukraine at

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