Bridport keeper boss Shaun Annetts lists four major changes needed at Bees

Interim BRIDPORT boss Shaun Annetts has had his say on the improvements the Bees need to make to move the club forward.

Bridport were relegated with five games remaining thanks to an 8-1 loss at Mousehole and a 2-2 draw between Street and Ashton & Backwell.

The drop was widely expected in a season where Bridport have avoided defeat just twice in 31 Toolstation Western League Premier Division games, racking up a minus 144 goal difference.

And the Bees now face a huge rebuilding task in Toolstation Division 1 or the South West Peninsula East league.

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Asked by the Bridport News about the changes to be made at St Mary’s Field, Annetts highlighted four key areas.

He said: “I have strong feelings about what I believe should happen.

“After these five games, I will be able to reflect on what happened. There have been a few mistakes along the way, everyone will agree.

“There are a number of things that need to be improved off the pitch in some cases. The club needs additional help.

“There are very, very hard-working people who do a lot of things at the club, but there aren’t enough of them – that’s one thing.

“The pitch needs regular maintenance, that would help, and the club needs to look further afield for a bit of sponsorship to help with things that help with the running of the club.

“On the ground, there is no doubt, the new management team needs to recruit.

“The players playing right now can all compete at this level, there’s no doubt about that.

“But they have to play in a stronger team with better players around them.

“There are too many guys who are not quite at the level (mandatory) and we get spotted.

“So better recruitment, better experience and certainly players who have played at that level and are comfortable would be a huge boost.

“I’m hopeful the new guys will be able to do that. Next season will be better and more successful.

Annetts men have no game this weekend but return to action on Saturday April 2 at Street.

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