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Which speaker stand is the best?

Unlike floor standing speaker stands, speaker stands hold smaller speakers in an elevated position on a wall. They can also be tilted in multiple directions to achieve the optimum position for sound projection. A speaker stand saves space in your living space by tucking bulky cabinets out of the way, making it an aesthetically pleasing addition to your entertainment center.

If you’re looking for a rugged, versatile design that fits most speakers, the WALI Clamp Shelf Speaker Stand is a solid choice.

What to know before buying speaker stands


Most speakers differ in appearance, size, and shape. Your speaker stands must be compatible with your speakers from a visual and practical point of view. If you can buy brand-specific speaker stands, that’s ideal. If not, make sure all generic universal speaker mounts fit snugly on the base of your speakers and that all screw holes and clamps line up properly.

Fixing your wall bracket

If you’re mounting your speakers on drywall, use a wall scanner to alert you to any electrical wiring behind it, and be sure to avoid drilling nearby. Find the studs at the same time and, if possible, make sure that at least one or two of the top mounting holes are drilled into a stud. Always use properly sized wall anchors when drilling into drywall or concrete.

Weight limits

Be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions or product packaging for the weight limit of a speaker stand. Speakers can be heavy, as they often contain large magnets or have solid wood or dense fiberboard enclosures. Even if the bracket is securely attached to your wall, the bracket itself may not be up to the task, so this is an important consideration, especially if your speakers are bookshelf size or larger. .

Check out the BestReviews buying guide for a full selection of wall decor speaker stands.

What to Look for in Quality Speaker Stands

Manufacturing quality

Build quality is especially important if your speaker stands are supporting heavy objects. In this case, strong welds and sturdy materials should be a primary consideration. If you plan to mount your speakers outdoors, make sure your mounting choice is non-corrosive and designed to withstand the elements.

mounting hardware

The best speaker stands come with hardware well suited to their size and weight capacity. However, this is suggested for general purposes and you may need a more suitable anchor, depending on the surface you are attaching your speaker stands to.


While most stands are obscured by the speakers from a front-facing perspective, some well-designed options add to the overall aesthetic of your speakers, especially when viewed from a side angle. Cable management should also be considered. Many models incorporate it so wiring is secure and kept flush to the wall.

How much you can expect to spend on speaker stands

A basic set of speaker stands can cost as little as $10 for a generic, universal set. A set of quality mid-range brackets should set you back around $30, while brand-specific models designed for this purpose can cost $50 or more.

Speaker Stand FAQs

How adjustable should my speaker stands be?

A. Speaker stands generally allow a certain amount of vertical and lateral movement. However, most speakers are designed to project at angles up to 120 degrees and should only point in the general direction of the subject, so a little adjustment is usually sufficient.

What tools are needed to attach the speaker stands?

A. An electric wall reader is a useful tool from a safety and practical perspective, as it allows you to quickly locate studs and avoid electrical wiring when drilling. Once you are happy with the bracket location, a power drill and compatible drill bit, screws and wall anchors are all you need.

What are the best speaker stands to buy?

Top speaker brackets

WALI clamping speaker stand

What do you want to know: A set that securely mounts mid-size speakers on both sides and has a sleek, low-profile design.

What you will love: This sturdy pair is capable of supporting weights of up to 55 pounds. They are ideal for bookshelf or home theater style speakers and are adjustable to fit widths between 5.5 and 11 inches. They swivel 90 degrees and tilt 0-7.5 degrees in either direction.

What you should consider: It is advisable to use the supplied wood screws for larger or front-heavy speakers.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

The best speaker stands for the money

Monoprice low profile

Monoprice low profile

What do you want to know: A compact pair of Monoprice stands compatible with satellite speakers.

What you will love: They come with an integrated screw for use with 1/4″ mounting point inserts and also a keyhole adapter for speakers that lack one. All necessary mounting hardware is supplied and they are easily locked into position on their rotating ball joints.

What you should consider: These are said to support weights of up to 22 pounds each, but they work best with smaller satellite models.

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Worth checking out

Vivo White Double Wall Mount

Vivo White Double Wall Mount

What do you want to know: A pair of bespoke stands designed for use with Sonos One, Sonos Play:1 and Sonos SL speakers.

What you will love: They are a very versatile pair that can rotate 360 ​​degrees, tilt 0-20 degrees, and swivel 90 degrees sideways. This set blends seamlessly with the design of Sonos products and features built-in cable management to ensure the focus is on the speakers and not their peripherals.

What you should consider: These don’t work with all Sonos models, and it’s worth researching first if you’re in any doubt as to their compatibility.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

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