Belize exports corn to Maseca

PEACE VALLEY, Fri October 29, 2021 – Maize exports to Guatemala, which had stalled for the past thirteen years, will resume following the reinstatement of a partial scope agreement between Belize and Guatemala by the Belize-Guatemala Joint Commission. As a result of the deal, Valley of Peace Farms Limited will now supply a large quantity of corn to the Mexican and Guatemalan company Maseca, the largest manufacturer of corn products in the region.

On Friday, October 29, Alvaro Rodriguez de Diversa announced that after a decade of stopping corn exports, Belize was able to ship a first load of corn, consisting of five containers of yellow corn, to the plant in Guatemala. Three more containers of white corn are due for delivery over the next week. Diversa, a distribution company that imports Guatemalan products into the Belizean market, acts as an intermediary through which Belize’s corn exports will be facilitated.

Diversa wants to establish a long-term value chain in Belize – with prices that will benefit Belize farmers. Under the current framework, the maize will be exported to Maseca, where it will be processed in Guatemala before being returned to Belize in the form of flour.

It was noted that the maize exported from Belize is of high quality. Rodriguez said: “We were very happy to see the results, as we did a sample which was sent to Maseca Laboratories, and the sampling gave an excellent result for human consumption. Even though most of the Belizean corn is produced for animal feed, we still have the quality as it is now, and it will only improve to have excellent production rate and excellent grinding rate. The Minister of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise, Hon. Jose Abelardo Mai reiterated this assessment of the quality of Belizean corn: “Our corn is classified as Category 1 according to the USDA grading standards, and it has a high protein content and is definitely well accepted by the Maseca Company. “, did he declare.

The contract was signed after Maseca indicated three weeks ago that they needed corn. At this point, Gilbert Canton, managing director of Valley of Peace Farms Limited and Cayo Grain and Agro Supply Limited, noted that they had the capacity to supply corn. After approval of the contract and analysis of the quality of the maize, Maseca confirmed an order for 180 tonnes of yellow maize and 324 tonnes of white maize. Parts of this order are already on their way to Maseca’s factories in Guatemala City.

While the two facilities owned by Valley of Peace Farms Limited can only store up to three million tonnes of grain at any given time, throughout this year the two facilities have generated up to 26 million pounds or 260,000 bags of corn – peak production. Prior to this new contract with Guatemala, all corn produced in Belize was used locally as animal feed. This new agreement will transport up to half of the corn produced in Guatemala.

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