Angry passengers force GWR train to turn around after it doesn’t stop in Swindon

A GWR train from Penzance to Paddington which was due to stop at Swindon was forced to turn around by its own passengers after passing through the station.

An earlier train cancellation meant that the 2:19 p.m. Penzance service – which usually doesn’t stop in town – had added Swindon to the route.

But after failing to stop, many passengers who had boarded the train after being told it would stop at Swindon protested by setting off more than six emergency alarms. The mutiny left the disoriented railway personnel with no choice but to turn around.

The train then stopped in Reading more than two hours after arriving at London Paddington.

Passengers told The Telegraph the experience was a “nightmare”.

The Telegraph reports that a passenger who wished to remain anonymous said: “Swindon united against GWR in a mutiny.

“Nobody knows why the train didn’t stop at Swindon, when it was part of the stops and people wanted to get off. Eventually they conceded a victory to the people of Swindon and the train returned there.”

The train could not continue because the emergency alarm caused the wheels to stop.

Other passengers described the train as extremely overcrowded, which is why GWR cites for not stopping at Swindon as planned.

A GWR spokesperson said: “We are very sorry for those who were disturbed yesterday and those who were delayed will be able to get their money back by requesting a refund.

“The 1418 Penzance service to Paddington was diverted via Chippenham and Swindon to assist passengers affected by an earlier canceled train. The service however was too busy to carry more passengers safely, so the extra stops were waived.

“While those on board were made aware of the decision, after passing Swindon, the emergency ‘passcomms’ were withdrawn and the train stopped – further delaying service by more than an hour. was taken back to Swindon before continuing on to Reading. ”

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