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Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha again on Sunday called on Democratic Party (DP) Chairman Lulzim Basha’s supporters to think twice and not support Prime Minister Edi Rama’s so-called hostage.

De Skodra, the former leader of the DP said that the revolution started will win and the House of Democrats cannot be held back by violence and gangs.

Among other things, Berisha pointed out that the only mission of the revolution launched on January 8 is free voting.

In the meantime, Berisha has informed the international community that this will not stop and that their peaceful protests have the real aim of removing the Democrats’ house from the hands of the bandits who have invaded it.

“I call on the democrats who support Lulzim Brava to abandon him, he is the shame of Albania. I tell the citizens and democrats of Shkodra to join the heroism and resistance of those who voted for them, separated from Lulzim Basha that the mouse hole of this revolution which does not stop waits for him.

Nobody has the right to play with political pluralism in Albania. Those who support Basha as the leader of the opposition ridicule the citizens with contempt, ridicule freedom, and the values ​​of political pluralism in Albania.

We must turn every hour and every day into a great effort to take the fate of freedom and Albania into our own hands. From Shkodra, I address a fraternal appeal to the Albanians of emigration and the diaspora.

The hours of democracy in Albania are critical and we need your help, your protests and your support. You live in free countries and you should be the promoters of the restoration of pluralism and freedom in Albania. My friends stop for a moment and reflect on what our battle is, that is, absolutely for freedom, for freedom and only for freedom.

Where are we today and where do we stand with each citizen. We are a freedom driven society, we are the only society in Europe where, as the Georgian dictator said, you vote and the party counts, and here we vote and Rama counts the votes with his gangs. he transplanted this model to our side, if the socialists of 2009 never voted, but in the vote of Lul Brava, what is the vote?

The vote of 1800 citizens in their anti-Assembly is announced in front of the cameras and the Albanians multiplied by 3-4 as a vote of 5004 delegates, is there a greater violation than this for the free vote? The other openly states that it has nothing to do with the vote, but this one, in the ugliest way, wants to serve the vote of 1800 delegates for 5004.

I invite you to this revolution to overthrow the narco-state and my appeal to our international partners is that this is a peaceful but unstoppable revolution. On January 8, the Democrats were asking for nothing more than the expulsion of the bandits. Our protests will not stop until we win, those who support Edi Rama and Lul Basha will fail, the future is ours men and women who fight for human dignity.

From this day forward, I invite you to send the flame and the light of this revolution to every Albanian vote,” Berisha said.

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