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Twice this year, the curator of the Alaska Jewish Museum (AJM) arrived at work to find swastika stickers on the doors or the museum. After the second attack, Museums Alaska worked with museums across the state to show AJM that they are not alone.

Museums, historical societies, cultural centers and related organizations across the state have signed a declaration of solidarity. We will not ignore this malicious act and we will work together to educate Alaskans about the various communities that have shaped Alaska.

Museums Alaska also requests that attention be paid to the poster published by the Alaska Jewish Museum to assist in the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator of the attack. The Alaska Jewish Museum and StandWithUs Northwest have teamed up to offer a $ 5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction in the vandalism investigation. Those with information should dial 3-1-1.

“There are over 100 museums in the State of Alaska founded and managed by people who are passionate about sharing the history and many different cultures of Alaska with residents and visitors,” says Director of Museums Alaska, Dixie Clough. “Alaska Museums are appalled by the attacks and eager to show their support for the Jewish Museum of Alaska and the Jewish Campus in Alaska as they seek to combat these crimes and keep their facilities safe and their community. “

In a statewide Zoom call to discuss the attacks, the museum community shared words of support for Leslie Fried, the curator of the Jewish Museum of Alaska, and pledged to support the Jewish Museum of Alaska with the attached declaration of solidarity.

“There has been an increase in anti-Semitic behavior in Anchorage over the past few months, and we have seen a role for museums as community educators to combat these heinous acts,” Clough said. “We want to make sure that the attacker of the museum is brought to justice and that the Jewish community in Alaska knows that they are not alone. They have support across the state.

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Alaska Museums stand alongside the Jewish Museum of Alaska

Museums Alaska and the Alaska Museum Community support the Jewish Museum of Alaska and its mission to provide a home for Jewish history, art and culture in Alaska.

We are deeply troubled by the recent anti-Semitic vandalism attacks the Alaska Jewish Museum has suffered in Anchorage. Curator Leslie Fried twice found swastika stickers stuck to the museum’s doors and windows and in the second incident, a swastika was carved through a sticker in a door.

Alaska Museums, Alaska Museums, and museum staff members across the state stand in solidarity with curator Leslie Fried, the Alaska Jewish Museum, and the Alaska Jewish Campus, providing support as the museum seeks to combat these crimes and to ensure the safety of its facilities and community.

This vandalism is an attack on all of us and on the inclusive history of Alaska for which our institutions were founded. History reveals that malicious acts increase in times of uncertainty and flourish when encouraged or ignored by people in leadership positions. We will not ignore this malicious act and we will work with the Alaska Jewish Museum to combat bigotry and prejudice in all its forms.

Education is one of the most important tools we can use to end hate crimes. Alaska’s museums are lifelong learning institutions and we are uniquely placed to share information about the various communities that contribute to the cultural and social richness of our state.

Alaska Museums encourage our communities to recognize diversity as a strength and to discover the vibrant cultures and resourceful people who have shaped Alaska. And we will continue to strive to reach out to community members we do not know with our programming, as it is these individuals and groups who can benefit most from a respectful dialogue about the history and people of the world. ‘Alaska.

Together, we strongly support the Alaska Jewish Museum and affirm our intention to combat acts of hate against our museum community.

Alaska Emerging Museum Professionals Chapter

Alaska State Museums: Alaska State Museum, Juneau Museum and Sheldon Jackson

Alpine Historical Society

American Bald Eagle Foundation

Aunt Claudia’s dolls, a museum

Carrie M. McLain Memorial Museum

Chickaloon Village Traditional Council

Chilkat Valley Historical Society

Cordoba Historical Museum

Fairbanks Children’s Museum

Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum

Homer’s Council on the Arts

Hope and Sunrise Historical and Mining Museum

Juneau-Douglas Municipal Museum

Kawerak Katirvik Cultural Center

Small Lithuanian Museum and Library

Alaska Transportation and Industry Museum

Palmer Museum of History and Art

Resurrection Bay Historical Society

Sealaska Heritage Institute

Talkeetna Historical Society and Museum

Thole Exhibitions And Mounts (TEAM)

University of Alaska Northern Museum

Valdez Museum and Historical Archives

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