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A large herd of elephants drink at the safari pool

Sitting in the comfort of your own plunge pool while admiring African wildlife in front of you is a vacation experience to never forget. Bringing African wildlife to your pool for a drink, like these elephants did, is a whole different and unforgettable experience in itself. On a recent holiday weekend my wife and I decided to treat ourselves to a lodge safari in the Great Kruger region of South Africa. With the current pandemic there are unfortunately no international tourists currently coming on safari to South Africa and all safari lodges have lowered their prices to make it more attractive to the domestic travel market. We decided to take advantage of it and even settled into a room with a plunge pool in front. It was pure luxury in our minds and nothing beats sitting in your own private pool on a hot summer day while watching the wild animals in the distance. It was one of those hot afternoons and we decided not to go on safari but rather to relax in the comfort of our room and by the pool. I just got comfortable in the pool when I noticed a large herd of elephants in the distance. I went out to get my camera. Upon my return I went back to the pool and realized the herd of elephants was slowly heading towards me. At first they seemed a little nervous and I just sat in the back corner of the pool. Before I knew it the front part of the large herd of elephants walked over to the pool, reached with their trunks to the edge of the pool, and started drinking the pool water. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in front of me. It was as if I didn’t even exist and the elephants continued to drink in the pool. There was even a small elephant in the herd but unfortunately the little elephant could not reach the pool water with its trunk. The elephants turned and the majority of the herd had their fair share of water which also left the pool with over a third of its water consumed. The herd finally continued on their journey, leaving me totally stunned by my intimate experience with these incredible giants.

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