8 of the best scuba diving sites in the UK and Ireland

Holy Island, Anglesey

Ideal for: dives on historic wrecks

The island’s many coves off North Wales are protected from the strong offshore currents, making them popular land-based dive sites for adventurous divers. Underwater, spectacular reefs, pinnacles, mounds and drop offs create a captivating environment for wrasse, gobies, blennies, various crabs, octopus, starfish, nudibranchs and anemones. With over 400 wrecks in the area, some of the best can be accessed from Holy Island, such as Puffin Sound Drift, B17 Bomber, Steam Missouri, and North Stacks.

C7W3T8 The Anvil St Martins Haven Nr Marloes Pembrokeshire Wales looking towards Skomer IslandCW Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire

Best for: Using your scuba skills to help protect the ocean

Several Wales wrecks can be found around Skomer Island, a no-take zone and marine reserve (one of only three in the UK) with scenic drift dives and plenty to see . Torpedoed, scuttled and capsized ships all tell tragic tales of dangerous weather and unpredictable elements, but nature has taken over and they have become home to seahorses, sponges, anemones, sea urchins. , soft corals, scallops, eels and fish. Scuba divers can volunteer to help study the different species through Skomer MRN, contributing valuable research that helps map and maintain wildlife here. Dolphins, porpoises and seals are also appearing.

The best scuba diving in Scotland

2DJAK2X building, across the Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands, ScotlandLee Ramsden / Alamy Stock Photo

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