5.9 Second Diesel Drag Trucks, Pt. 6: Record Duramax, Cummins Swapped Ford, ’69 Nova, and ’45 Chevy Rat-Rod

It’s almost as if we planned to end this series on a high note. For Part 6, we’ve got three super-fast Cummins swaps and a Duramax-powered Chevrolet Silverado, an Allison-shifted record to show you. They compete in the rising class of the 8th Mile Index of 5.90 seconds within the Super Outlaw Diesel Series, but each of them has the ability to propel much deeper into the 5. Below you will find that a 5.90 runner ran a high 8 in the quarter mile and another will be competing in the regulars on a regular basis. radial tire events, where it will likely end up going deep into the 4s. Two contestants also weigh well under 4,000 pounds while another weighs nearly 6,000 pounds. Still, they all come together to race the 5.90 class on race day. It’s no wonder that this fast, diverse and super-competitive class has become the talking point of diesel drag racing.

Justin Duffy’s record-breaking bow tie

After running the 6.70 index last year, Justin Duffy decided to upgrade to the 5.90 index in 2021, and we’re glad he did. Its ton Silverado recently completed an eighth mile of 5.86 seconds at 124 mph, making it the fastest Allison 4×4 truck in the world. Better yet, Justin had this to say, “We’re aiming for 5.70 or better on the Allison before moving on to the 48RE that Chris Gelbaugh is currently building for me.” Despite the use of CGV Fiberglass bed rails and other weight loss efforts, Justin’s Chevrolet still tips the scales at 5,800 pounds. He calls the truck “Fat Amy”.

Big Single and very powered

Duramax single turbo diesel

While he could have gotten away with a stock 6.6L in the 6.70 index class, upgrading to 5.90 required a complete engine build. The short block was built by Marty Brown and a HSP Diesel the piping kit accommodates the big single turbo S400 parked in the valley. The large snail is degassed to the outside to control the drive pressure when the nitrous kits are activated. S&S Diesel Motorsport supplied a fuel system consisting of 400% higher injectors, a factory 14mm CP3 motor and a 10mm serpentine belt driven CP3. The Allison record transmission was reconstructed by Unlimited diesels and sport one Goerend transmission converter. The truck is tuned by Blake Crenshaw.

Robert Berry’s Chevy Rat-Rod ’45


Non, ce n’est pas juste un autre rat-rod diesel. Cette chose bouge ! La Chevrolet 45 de 1 300 rwhp de Robert Berry porte sa caisse, ses ailes et sa cabine d’origine, tout en étant assise sur un châssis complet et non sur un châssis tubulaire. Cela dit, et même avec un Cummins de 1 000 livres à l’avant qui consomme le compartiment moteur, sa tige de rat pèse un peu plus de 3 700 livres le jour de la course. Cela signifie que le rapport puissance/poids de Robert est parfait pour permettre aux pièces de vivre tout en étant rapide comme l’éclair. Après avoir été incapable de se qualifier à l’événement Outlaw Diesel Revenge à Indianapolis, Robert a passé du temps à tester et à travailler sur ses lancements. Maintenant, “Burnie” (comme il l’appelle) peut réduire les 60 pieds en 1,4 seconde et a récemment atteint 8,93 dans le quart de mile. Cela signifie que 5,70s (sinon 5,60s) sont possibles dans le huitième. Pour faire court, maintenant que Robert se connecte à l’ancienne Chevrolet, des 5,90 cohérents devraient arriver.

5,9 litres de fureur

Cummins Turbo Common-Rail Compound

Robert’s Chevrolet started with Cummins P-pump power, but was converted to electronic controls and common rail injection in order to make speeding much easier. Its common rail of 5.9 L was obtained thanks to Industrial injectionof Tyler Kipp and uses a balanced crank secured by a Gorilla belt and ARP main posts, swings Carrillo rods, features an industrial stage 2 fire ring head and uses a Hamilton cam. A set of injectors greater than 450% is supported by two 12mm CP3s and two FASS low pressure supply systems. Compound turbos put a lot of boost into a vertically mounted intercooler before the cooler intake air enters a Banks Large Hoss Collector. On a conservative focus, Robert’s rat-rod made 1,283 rwhp on Firepunk Dieselchassis dyno.

Ford Cummins-Swapped, Travis Trent’s Short Bed

Trade-in for the 2005 Ford F250 Cummins

Travis Trent’s short-bed Ford has been on the diesel drag racing scene for several years now, and it’s only gaining momentum every season. He competed in the UCC Qualifier in the past has risen to 5.90 Index for 2021 and rumor has it that you can catch up with Travis at King of the street this autumn. His ’05 F-250 was halved by API manufacturing and repair, the workshop which also carried out all the manufacturing work of the truck, while Diesel conversion specialists Provided the engine mounts, alternator mount, transmission adapter plate, and flex plate to operate both the Cummins 6.7L transmission and the 4R100 transmission.

A proven recipe: Common-Rail Cummins + Big Single

Cummins Deck Plate Diesel Engine

Under the hood you’ll find a piece of art and a battle-designed 6.7L Cummins that has been fitted with a deck plate. Travis also kept it simple by going for the single turbo high road. His charger of choice is Stainless Diesel5-blade Godfather S485, which mounts to a stainless steel exhaust manifold with two 45mm TurboSmart external valves. S&S Diesel Motorsport supplied the huge 500 percent of the common rail injectors while the exergy The 12mm CP3 on the gear is helped to produce rail pressure by a Bosch stock CP3 driven from the belt. A Sam Wyse (from Wyse Auto Repair) Automatic 4R100 with a Goerend converter ensures that the power of the Cummins reaches the ground efficiently and reliably.

Ryan Milliken’s stunning Nova 69 powered by Cummins

1969 Nova Cummins Exchange

You’re more likely to find this beautiful, radial-adorned 69 Nova and take on gassers at events like No Mercy and Lights Out, but Ryan Milliken’s Glacier Blue Nova hit the ODSS Tour with good friend Jonathan Montesino. driving. It features a dry and filled 5.9 L Cummins block built by Freedom racing engines and equipped with a Peterson dry sump oil system. A Wagler competition productsThe CP3 double billet cover provides housing for the 14mm CP3 twin pumps from S&S Diesel Motorsport. Reverse-rotating pumps maintain sufficient rail pressure on the valve for a set of S&S 6.7L Cummins-based injectors fitted with nozzles greater than 400%. One 85mm GT55 (GTX5533R), nitrous, one MoTec Stand-alone ECM and a Coast of the Sun TH400 are also on board.

Select the photograph provided courtesy of Amy Gilbert from Stainless Diesel

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