32nd of the Coupe de France – It was complicated but Nantes got closer to Sochas (0-0, 5 strips to 4)

Sox (L2) – Nantes (L1): 0-0. Tab 4-5

It was not easy, but the Canaries were able to implement the step. Tenth in League 1, the Nantes people came to Bonal Ground with envy. They pushed from the start and multiplied the efforts of Mehdi Jean on the cage, but were as precise as the active Captain Ludovic Blas.

In front of their supporters, the Cubs of Omar Duff, classified fifth in Ligue 2, responded and pushed the crowd on penalties. If Nantes’ top five snipers and Sochas’ top four had scored, center-back Christoph Daitio would have stopped Rémy Descombs’ attempt to send Antoine Combourey to the round of 16.

French Cup

Beauvois responds to Thayon: The first two goals of the match

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Canaries qualified by Mouse Hole: Assessment of Sochas – Nantes

Kemin-Boss D’Avignon (R2) – Clermont (L1): 0-4

The end of the Petit Bouquet Cardois adventure. Amateurs in the county of Nîmes were subject to the law of elite gatekeepers. Stephen Dortoit’s players, who were on the defensive from the first minutes of the match, fought well for half an hour. They then conceded two consecutive goals with a penalty from Jordan Dell (32nd), followed by a victory by Saif-Edin Kavy (34th).

Jonathan Iglesias (43rd) worsened the score just before the break and Dell converted a new penalty an hour ago (58th). The crowd of spectators was large at the State of Costa Rica throwing projectiles on the lawn, so the crowd was interrupted for a few minutes. Everything finally returned to normal and they were very successful.

Infiltration, agricultural bombardments, throwing objects… In Nims, the competition is interrupted for a while.

JURA SUD (N2) – Saint-DENIS (R1): 5-2

In the icy and snowy landscape, the Jurassic did nothing against Reunion. Their striker Claudie Empui opened the scoring quickly (10th) in the center of the truth zone, giving him a brace (35th). Ludovic Fatcher also scored the third goal for the locals (43rd) and reduced Assoumani’s score to a sharp end of the first period (45th + 2). Kazong, however, allowed Valentine Quizard’s men to take the advantage (50th) and Khalid (73rd) scored the fifth goal. Rakotondrabe and the spectators again shook the nets (88th) but came out with a heavy setback.

Seven goals, a good swoon and a good dive: Jura Suite – Saint-Denis, it’s a show!

GUINGAMP (L2) – AMIENS (L2): 2-3

L’En Avant believed in it but started from very far. Enthusiastic in Roudourou, the Bretons thwarted the course of the match against the skill and brilliance of Shadrach Akolo. Pickard Striker also scored a hat-trick early in the second half (55 ‘). Rarely off the bench, Jeremy Liveland revived the suspense (64th) then gave Arthur Gomez the hope of a crazy end to the game (73rd) for the Guingamboys. Amiens, who finished 12th in Ligue 2, faced their 14th-ranked opponent and will advance to the 16th round earlier this year.

Hatrick d’Akolo and the return of a miscarriage of Bretton: the abstract of Qingham – Amiens

CRETEIL (N) – Poison (R1): 3-0

The Ile-de-France residents have never trembled in the face of Lyon supporters. Alexis Arazo opened the scoring (19th) on the right track with the allies of Rifi Montanta, doubling the lead at the start of the second period (54th). Then the Czech Diara (63rd) increased the score. Ron’s spectators hoped to lower the score on the turf, but their goal was denied. Andrea Damiani’s players used good runs in the Coupe de France, losing without hesitation to Emmanuel da Costa.


A case settled during playtime: Cretel summary – Venicex

French Cup

Gomez opens the sheet music using the work of Yilmas: Lily Cole in the video

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French Cup

Hatrick d’Akolo and the return of a miscarriage of Bretton: the abstract of Qingham – Amiens

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