3 top business destinations for Spurs’ Thaddeus Young

Slowly coming out of the Texas rotation and aiming to be a key contributor on a title contender, Thaddeus Young is looking for a more viable situation with his recent lack of playing time on the San Antonio Spurs.

Spurs are in the process of rebuilding and are currently giving the majority of the minutes to their young players which they would like to develop continuously. This led to less playing time for Young.

Even though he’s been very understanding about it and he’s a good sport about the recent changes to Spurs’ playing time rotation, Young would still love to play for a team where he can make a difference and play. more meaningful minutes. While Young and San Antonio both aim to overcome this problem, we’ll now discuss the top three business destinations for Young as his frustration with the team continues to mount.

Thaddeus Young Trade Destinations

3. Milwaukee Bucks

With Brook Lopez on the verge of running out of time while recovering from back surgery, the Milwaukee Bucks will be playing understaffed and with relatively low rotation in the frontcourt. Adding DeMarcus Cousins ​​will soften the blow for them, but Cousins ​​hasn’t been fully healthy for a while now either, so the jury is still out on what kind of production they’ll be able to get out of him. .

Aside from Lopez, the Bucks only have Giannis Antetokounmpo and Bobby Portis as other dominant low-position players.

Adding Thaddeus Young would give them extra relief and strengthen their frontline. This will be especially useful for them when they face some of the biggest teams in the league and need a quality veteran presence like Young to give them an extra set of active hands, athleticism and rim protection. elite. Young would also give the Bucks another important mobile combo that could run away from Antetokounmpo and Portis, which would make an even scarier opponent throughout the season.

2. Denver Nuggets

Now that Michael Porter Jr. is set to miss the rest of the season after having back surgery and Jamal Murray is still recovering from a horrific knee injury he sustained last season , this created a greater playing load for reigning league MVP Nikola Jokic. . Despite the Denver Nuggets playing shorthanded for most of this season, they’ve still held on and have had a few quality wins.

However, they’re currently the 10th seed in the Western Conference and could definitely use a boost. With Young wanting a bigger role in a contending team, this could be exactly what the Nuggets need.

Adding the veteran fat combo would give Jokic some much needed help down. This move might not completely move the needle for Denver, but it would give them a stellar veteran presence that would bolster their frontcourt and provide a ton of relief for Jokic in the paint.

1. Golden State Warriors

Despite their hot start to the 2021-22 NBA season, the Golden State Warriors’ biggest flaw is undoubtedly the depth of their frontcourt. With James Wiseman still injured, it left the Dubs with Draymond Green and Kevon Looney as the main inside defenders. Granted, they’ve always played in elite defense so far, but the addition of a great all-rounder of Young’s caliber would be ideal for the Dubs.

Plus, he would have an immediate impact playing in the Bay Area.

A forward rotation of Green, Looney and Young would give the Warriors an even deeper roster and bring much-needed length and rim protection to their relatively thin frontline. As the Warriors return to playing championship-caliber basketball again, the addition of Thaddeus Young would only improve their chances of winning another title while giving them another savvy veteran.

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