11 parish councils oppose Helston Hospital Cross business park

Parish councils representing more than 9,500 people living in the villages surrounding Helston have joined forces in an “unprecedented” move to oppose a proposed commercial park on the outskirts of town.

A full planning application has been submitted to build a park comprising a McDonald’s, Aldi, The Range and Costa on a pristine 2.7 hectare site in Hospital Cross, between Sainsbury’s supermarket and RNAS Culdrose.

It is proposed to have a total of 192 parking spaces, plus six spaces for motorcycles and 22 for bicycles.


So far, more than 200 people have left comments on the Cornwall Council website about the plans – 177 in objection and 36 in support.

Now a letter has been sent to the council on behalf of 11 parish councils which represent a total of 9,584 permanent residents in the villages of the Lizard Peninsula.

Meeting for the common response are: Cury Parish Council, Grade Ruan Parish Council, Gunwalloe Parish Meeting, Gweek Parish Council, Landewednack Parish Council, Manaccan Parish Council, Mawgan Parish Council, Mullion Parish Council, St Anthony in Meneage Parish Meeting, St Keverne Parish Council and Parish Council St Martin in Meneage.

Lee Dunkley, Clerk of the Grade Ruan Parish Council, said: “These councils, representing 10,000 people on the peninsula, are officially opposed to development based on serious traffic problems already present, and which will inevitably be greatly exacerbated by these proposals. , should they proceed.

“In my experience, this level of collaboration and joint work on the part of so many local councils is unprecedented and shows the overwhelming sentiment of the communities of the Lizard Peninsula and Meneage.”

After meeting for a joint meeting last Thursday, the councils wrote a joint letter expressing concerns that the existing Hospital Cross roundabout is already “insufficient both during the holiday season. summer and even off-season at traditional peak hours. ”

What the development of Hospital Cross in Helston could look like Photo: Pegasus / Cornwall Counci.

They add that the data of a transport assessment submitted as part of the plans “do not reflect the reality of the current situation”.

According to them, it was actually stopping queues along the entire 2.1 mile length of Culdrose Road northbound during the summer, adding 25 minutes to the journey times, as well as ten minute queues from Falmouth after the roundabout near Helston Rugby Club, and 12 minute queues outside the Old Cattle Market and up to The Furry towards Spar towards Penzance .

Even in winter, at rush hour, there were still queues north for at least a mile after Culdrose, adding 12 minutes to travel times, meaning surrounding roads, such as Boskenwyn and Gweek, were regularly used as “rat passages” to bypass traffic.

The planing request includes proposals to widen Helston Downs to ten meters in the western boundary, as well as two new access points on this road for separate customer access and deliveries, as well as to widen the arms of the round -point of Cottage Hospital and Sainsbury’s Roundabout, with the developer seeking to add a left turn lane in the southeast arm of the Hospital Cross roundabout, as well as a new Toucan Crossing in between roundabouts. This would lead to a new footpath and cycle path.

However, the boards say that the applicant “does not adequately detail the mitigation measures at the hospital roundabout”, and add: “Further, these boards are of the view that it is not possible to ‘adjust the highway to the location to effectively manage the current road use, let alone mitigate the increase in road use. ”

Affirming that there was “a very strong opinion locally on this subject”, the councils ask that the candidacy be rejected.

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