10 Hidden Locations In Mario Games That Most Players Never Find

Few things are as satisfying as completing a game, especially ones that are peppered with plenty of additional content for players to discover. Nintendo games in particular are highly admired for the amount of fine detail put into each game, containing everything from franchise references to entire new games. While Nintendo GoldenEye 007 may have ten entire games hidden within its code just waiting to be emulated, many Mario games have underground spaces and levels that can grant the player new abilities, even infinite lives.


In order to uncover many of the most sought-after additional content from the Mario games, most players turn to walkthroughs to save time, which is understandable given the depth needed to unearth the finer details. Mario fans have grown accustomed to uncovering hidden secrets in each game, but only the most advanced finalists have discovered these rare locations.

Mushroom Kingdom – Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey took the world by storm in 2017, revamping gamers’ love for the plumber with its invigorating and fresh style of play that added a twist to that of the previous classic Super Mario games, but that’s not all.

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Have you ever wondered what the old worlds of the franchise look like in extremely polished style? Well, look no further, Super Mario Odyssey has outdone itself by including an unlockable Mushroom Kingdom. After completing the main story and purchasing the game Super Mario 64 Suit, players can find Mario relaxing from his journey. Only by using the combination, collecting all the Power Stars becomes possible.

Princess Peach’s Secret Slide: Super Mario 64

Responsible for some of the most impressive speedruns of all time, Super Mario 64 engulfs the player in its entirely imaginary world. This iconic slide is one that becomes addictive to slide down once found.

After collecting the first of the 120 stars needed to unlock the door to Princess Peach’s bedroom, the area will become available. From there, all you have to do is jump through the rightmost stained glass window. Once the end of the slide is reached in less than 21 seconds, a Power Star can be collected.

Casino Delfino – Super Mario Sunshine

The nostalgic wonderland that is Super Mario Sun is perhaps unmatched to this day, earning its reputation as one of the best Mario games ever made, leaving fans eager for a sequel that may never come.

As if the game couldn’t get any better, a secret level can be discovered by entering Hotel Delfino. Ignoring the blue coins there and hitting the first floor to talk to a pink Pianta brings players to the casino. Scoring a 777 on the slot will reveal a secret level where Mario can gather a Shine. A similar thing can even be done with the red rooms in the hotel.

Grand Final Galaxy – Super Mario Galaxy

Fan favorite super mario galaxy took Mario and players to places they had never even dreamed of being before. But that’s not all, as only one slot can be unlocked by the efforts of Mario and Luigi.

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To gain access to the hard-earned locations, the two brothers must collect all 120 stars, which will take the player to the Galaxy Grand Finale, an amazing sight to behold. Then, once 100 purple coins are obtained and the mail toad is conversed, the player is rewarded with a congratulatory photo which is posted on the Wii message board.

Castle Roof: Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 The 1996 release was every gamer’s dream, exposing Mario to a three-dimensional world that took the difficulty of the franchise to another level. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

At the start of the game, the castle roof is inaccessible until the player collects all 120 stars and the cannon outside the castle is unlocked. Using this, Mario can be pulled onto the roof to speak with Yoshi and gain 99 lives. Additionally, Mario receives an improved triple jump and no longer takes fall damage while holding down A from the Wing Cap.

Minus World – Super Mario Bros. (NES)

A level of glitch discovered in Super Mario Bros. known as Minus World is an underwater level that never actually loads, leaving Mario in black limbo until the game ends or a reset. Taking its name from the world -1 displayed on the screen, it was actually supposed to display 36-1.

The world can only be reached at the end of the underground section of world 1-2, by standing on the leftmost pipe while crouching and facing left. Then the player must quickly jump right to land at the perfect spot to cross the wall. Fortunately for owners of the Famicom Disk System, the Minus World can truly be completed and the player will be taken to Worlds -2 then -3, where Princess Peach awaits her savior.

Star World – Super Mario World

Super Mario World contains many hidden details and secret levels for players, but Star World is by far the trickiest of them all. There are a total of 5 levels in this art world, as well as an array of Yoshis of different colors.

The key to accessing the world is to acquire particular Star Rod Keys, the first of which is given to players after defeating a Ghost House on Donut Island, then use them in keyholes located at secret exits in each world level. In addition to this, another hidden world can be found by beating all Star World levels.

Koopa Troopa Cave – Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

Achievements in new Mario games, like Super Mario 3D World, may be rare to find. However, once they are dug up, it can make all the difference and sometimes give Mario far more lives than he ever needs.

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Worldwide 1-2 of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, Koopa Troopa Cave has a secret underground area that can be used to do just that. After going through the first green pipe, followed by the first clear pipe, pounding the ground on mysterious blocks will take Mario into an even deeper area. From there, he can walk through a cave to knock out a Koopa and use its shell to get as many lives as his heart desires.

Hidden Chamber – Luigi’s Mansion

The GameCubes Luigi’s mansion is not only responsible for the funniest Luigi memes, but includes many secret areas. The best of them is undoubtedly the hidden room that is in the second area of ​​the game.

To enter, Luigi must find a mousehole in the butler’s room and inspect it using Luigi’s Game Boy Horror. Following this, he will be sucked into the hole and discover a secret fortune, 8 separate chests filled with treasures. However, caution is advised when opening each one, as the mischievous Boos are ready to come out and threaten the wayward protagonist.

Secret Levels – Super Mario Bros. (NES)

The most elusive and tedious hidden locations in any Mario game are found in none other than Super Mario Bros. for the NES, using a multitude of other games for the console. First, the player will need an original copy of the game and a top-loading NES.

Insert the game and enter level 1-1, then remove the cartridge, insert a copy of the game Tennis and start playing. After one minute has elapsed, put Super Mario Bros. in its place and pressing the reset button will reveal a new Mario level. The trick works with up to 256 NES cartridges, each unlocking a new secret level, but it’s dangerous for the console. Instead, find a Game Genie and enter the codes AANAAXZG and NNXAZZYE to receive each level safely.

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