02 | october | 2021

Halloween is basically built for the hacker. Besides the obvious making of absurd costumes, there is also a chance to showcase your skills, whether mechanical, audio, or video. It’s also a great time to show off our coolest tips for inspiring young proto-hackers. If you need inspiration, we have 150 ideas.

[Brankly]Candy dispenser

My personal problem with Halloween, however, is that I always start at the last minute, and my ideas far exceed my time budget. Or because everything is done at the last minute, a whole bunch of ideas that should “just work” in theory collide with the immutable object of practice. At least that’s what happened with the spooky sound effects last year – my son and I spent so much time collecting and recording spooky audio samples that I ran out of time while tuning correctly the sensitivity of the motion detector, then the battery died in the middle of the night.

But this year will be different, I swear! I’ll do it early and test it, with the luxury of time to debug the inevitable spiders. And you can swear too. To start now on your Halloween project. Or at least next weekend.

What’s your favorite Halloween hack?


If you need more encouragement to launch your black and orange hacking machine, consider Hackaday.io’s Halloween hackfest. It runs until October 28 and all you have to do to enter is document your Halloween project on IO and hit the “Submit” button. The deadline is the 28th, which gives you a few more nights to debug anything that went wrong before the real deal. The prizes are Digi-Key shopping sprees, and Adafruit doubles the gift certificate if you use Adafruit parts in construction.

If you don’t care about the Halloween pumpkin, that’s cool too. (Grinch!) The 2021 Hackaday Prize entered the final round of the wilds. If your project doesn’t fit into any of the previous categories, I’m pretty sure it will be a perfect fit for the all-out phase. Become crazy. We would love to see what you are working on.

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