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This also depends on the type of creditworthiness and credit rating. Total cost of a loan (borrowing costs), consisting of interest, commission and ancillary costs. Borrowing costs The borrowing costs are the total costs that the borrower incurs from borrowing. When borrowing, calculating borrowing costs is critical. Consumer loans are usually repaid in constant monthly installments.

The interest rate is essentially based on the following criteria: The interest rate is the main cost factor of a loan and is enriched by the corresponding ancillary loan costs, which can vary widely from lender to lender:

However, some expenses are not included in the effective interest rate, so they are still queried and included in the reconciliation.

Borrowing costs

The price of a loan is composed of the annual interest (debit interest), usually a processing fee, which is calculated on the basis of a percentage of the loan amount or expressed in a fixed amount, and a commitment and current account commission.

“With” Facts and Figures “graphics, writings and boards are provided for one of the most important and complex processes of our time. It provides background information and thematic contributions to the most important ongoing economic debates.

Credit costs: English “English“ German

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