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Those who still have to repay old loans while they are unemployed can quickly face a large funding gap. In the search for loans on the Internet one meets again and again on advertising statements such as “credit for all”, “Guarantees no rejection”, etc. Such advertising gives the impression that, for example, unemployed could easily get a loan. The unemployed usually lack the necessary change to afford certain things. Read here under what conditions jobseekers can get a loan from the bank.

Loan for unemployed: Loans without fixed interest

In general, it can be said that a consumer credit for the unemployed is very difficult to get. In addition, there are a number of earmarked loans that may be of importance to the unemployed. In case of justified and urgent exceptional situations, inactive persons can apply for a loan for the unemployed through the Employment Agency.

For example, unemployed people can get a loan for the unemployed when they move to a new job. In addition to the security deposit, heating costs or the cost of repairing a home where you live, the loan may also be provided by the employment office if expensive, urgent and vital home appliances are defective and will not be restored.

A loan can also be paid to unemployed for childcare costs. Anyone who wants to start a business can also apply to the employment agency for a loan for the unemployed. All loans of the employment office have the common feature that they are approved only after examination of the specific situation of the applicant and for a certain purpose.

This has the disadvantage that the employment office does not charge default interest and adjusts the monthly installment to the financing options of the unemployed person. Especially in the case of urgent or even vital purchases for the private sector, the employment office loan can therefore be an interesting option.

Loans for the unemployed in Austria

The fact that it is almost impossible to obtain a loan or finance contract when you are not working is known throughout Germany. But even in Austria it is almost impossible for the unemployed to get a loan. As a rule, credit institutions do not finance people who have no monthly income (with the exception of emergency aid, unemployment benefits, compensation and long-term care benefits).

As a rule, the house bank only approves the financing by means of an income certificate. Nevertheless, the unemployed should not worry. The unemployed should beware of loan sharks or dubious and dubious loan brokers – such deals do more harm than they ultimately do. When the unemployed seek a financing alternative.

For people who have no permanent employment and thus no monthly income, there are certainly other ways to pay in Austria. Alternatively, for example, is the own host family. Unemployed people with different credit platforms find it easier to finance themselves in the Federal Republic. Platforms such. B. Au? money provide an optimal connection of the borrower to a private lender.

However, this project is not available to the Austrians and is only for Germans. This eliminates an attractive variant in Germany. Credit for the unemployed – draft contract! Nonetheless, the host family can often be the only way out for the unemployed. When a family member makes a commitment, it is important that a relevant employment contract be concluded.

A contract is a kind of seizure for both parties

Even if the relative does not, it is still advisable to conclude an agreement to grant or assist with the financing of the loan. If the family member requires a confirmation and an employment contract, the unemployed person must not be insulted.

This has nothing to do with confidence, but only with security. Finally, the contract provides both parties with certainty and clarity in the event that some points change in the near future. Another financing alternative is the in-house bank. The probability of an increase of the overdraft limit exists with the bank on which the customer has his bank account.

The unemployed person can book the bank account more than usual. Disadvantage: The interest rates for the overdraft are ultimately much higher than for normal loan financing. However, overdrafts are the only alternative for many unemployed people to settle a bill. The unemployed person should only choose this option if there is no private member of the family.

However, the unemployed person must take into account: The bank does not have to agree to a higher overdraft. Finally, the consultant is responsible for increasing the overdraft limit. If the bank adviser feels that the repayment plan succeeds and the reasoning of the debtor is understandable, there is a good chance that he has agreed to an extension of the overdraft facility.

If the consultant has little chance that the unemployed person will be able to handle the overdraft, he will not be able to approve it. As a rule, the unemployed person has very good prospects at the bank. Undecured unemployed people can ultimately affect everyone. The fact is, no matter how hopeless the unemployed person is, one should avoid shark sharks and questionable and dubious affairs.

In particular, slogans such as “50,000 USD in a few seconds”, but also “loans for all – no creditworthiness necessary” are the classic signs that these companies are very little reputable. Since the 1990s, the franc loan has increasingly been taken up by private clients at the main bank. For a lack of money there are different causes.

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